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Barry Conley

Barry Conley is a professional recording engineer, producer and musician. In his formative years, Barry studied electronic and experimental music composition with Earle Brown (cohort of John Cage) and Morton Subotnick.

Barry’s professional career started with an engineering position at Baby’O Recorders in Hollywood where he worked with George Harrison, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Barry went on to work at Sunset Sound and Paramount Recording Studios with such artists as Miles Davis, B.B. King, Ike Turner, and The Stray Cats.

Barry Conley’s band “The Aliens That Ate Hollywood” was featured on The Desert Sessions volume 6 “Black Anvil Ego” record put out by Josh Homme (Queens of The Stone Age).

While waiting for the members of Cypress Hill to arrive at a recording session for their “Stoned Raiders” record, Barry invented and devised a portable joystick/photo optically controlled analog synthesizer/effects processor named the “OutofControl-atron”. Seven years in the making and played on many records including Black Label Society’s “Mafia”.

Barry currently plays in several combos including Liquid Owsley, Splotch, Spiel, and The Aliens. Barry has been known to do solo “abductions”, sometimes known as “sonic colonics”, with his various Buchla synthesizers and the OutofControl-atron.

Barry currently owns Outer Space, a recording studio in Venice, California where he has recently worked with Luicidal and Robert Trujillo (Metallica).

Barry Conley on Radio Venice

Radio Venice #21 – February 28, 2016
Radio Venice #19 – February 14, 2016
Radio Venice #17 – January 31, 2016
Radio Venice #15 – January 17, 2016
Radio Venice #14 – January 10, 2016
Radio Venice #13 – December 12, 2015
Radio Venice #12 – December 6, 2015
Radio Venice #11 – November 29, 2015
Radio Venice #10 – November 22, 2015
Radio Venice #9 – November 15, 2015
Radio Venice #8 – November 8, 2015

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