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Feisty Heart

Feisty Heart is Ruthie Garibay and Stuart Johnson.

Working from their cottage in Venice California, Ruthie and Stuart write, record and play live shows in Los Angeles.

Ruthie is a native of Detroit Michigan, studied art in San Francisco and began writing songs at age 16.

Stuart was raised in Louisville Kentucky, moved to New York City and then finally to Los Angeles, studying and recording along the way.

Feisty Heart primarily features Ruthie’s writing and Stuart’s arrangements.

Stuart has recorded and toured with The New Radicals, Matthew Sweet, Jakob Dylan, John Doe from X, Tim Tobbins, The Leftover Cuties, Blake Mills and more. Stuart spent this summer touring with Mumford and Sons, Blake Mills, Alabama Shakes and Dawes. Stuart can also be seen in The Austin Powers movies in the band Ming Tea w Mike Meyers.

“I’m very excited to be working with Ruthie. Her voice is like velvet, it’s very soothing. Her writing is honest and her lyrics are truthful. We make music together that’s very satisfying to me.”

Ruthie says “I enjoy being part of the Venice musical community.”

Feisty Heart would like to recognize the talent and efforts of our radio host Michael Jost, a long time friend and supporter of everything good about making music this close to the ocean.

“We love you Michael…”
– Stuart and Ruthie

Feisty Heart on Radio Venice

Radio Venice #7 – November 1, 2015
Radio Venice #20 – February 21, 2016

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