Michael Jost - Radio Venice - Photo by Rafael Zukran

Michael Jost

Michael’s music is a journey in time and space fueled by his passion for music and his instrument. His main instrument is the guitar, embracing all the different colors and emotions. Michael’s influences are very multicolored & involve different styles, continents and time periods.

Live or in the studio … expect to be surprised.

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Michael Jost on Radio Venice

As the host of Radio Venice, Michael plays most weeks …
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Click to enlarge / Photo Credits: Margaret Molloy and Karen Criswell

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Michael’s Guitars

Precious, Miss Lucy and The Queen were all built by Tomas Delgado of Candelas Guitars.


Miss Lucy

The Queen


Sweet Lil ’67

2 thoughts on “Michael Jost”

  1. Big music And a big heart, blessing brotha! Was thinking about one of OUR biggest supoorters, “Fantasy Fred”! Can I please get his info from you? I want to start reoaying his kindness, long over due, but not forgottem! proud you. My brotha. For keeping the music alive!!! Faith forward, Blessings

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