Radio Venice S08.E11 – Sunday, June 3

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Radio Venice … Fine Music
Weekly Live Webcast from Breakwater Studios
in Venice, California …

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Paracosmic is a collaborative project of musicians from various parts of California and the United States. The band’s sound can be described as a funk-based improv flow, incorporating rock and blues with a keen taste for the psychedelic soundscape.

Forming through the deep seeded dreams of 4 individuals, Paracosmic began in 2015 in Los Angeles through mutual friends in the southern California music scene and festival circuits. Since then, the band has grown to a 6 piece and along with playing several staple venues in Los Angeles, are making their way onto Festival line-ups with their favorite artists.

So what does the name mean? Paracosmic is the adjective of the word Paracosm, which is a detailed, imaginary world. Within that concept the 6 musicians aim to take you on a very lucid yet imaginary funk voyage through your mind and reality simultaneously for a rockin good time!

Keep your ears peeled for PARACOSMIC.

Paracosmic on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S08.E11 – June 3, 2018

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The Blood Moon Howlers

The Blood Moon Howlers are a Los Angeles based three piece heavy whiskey drenched blues rock band with flecks of smokey burlesque jazz and psychedelic tendencies.

Core members include guitarist/vocalist Matt Wayne, bassist/vocalist/keyboardist JuJu and drummer/percussion Brandon Cooke. The band began in January of 2017 and since then, they have released 2 EPs and have been playing venues all around Southern California.

They are currently recording their first full-length album set to be released in the fall of 2018 including a song that will be featured in indie short film, “Sugar Babe.”

The Blood Moon Howlers on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S08.E11 – June 3, 2018

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Hailey Demian

Hailey Demian, Bass Guitarist, is a regular at Radio Venice, collaborating with a number of Radio Venice Alumni (mentioned below). He also writes his own solo music. He is a founding band member of Vorpium and a founding member of Full Melt Reggae. He has collaborated with Cristina Vane, Michael Jost and the Venice Philharmonic Orchestra as well as with Peter Demian (Street Smart Music). He is also the Bass Guitarist for Matt James Band. more Hailey Demian »

Tim Hui

Tim Hui, also known as Timbooki, is a music producer, songwriter, multi instrumentalist and performer living in Los Angeles. Inspired by the sounds and experiences of his surroundings, his music is an endless exploration of sounds and textures of string instruments and beat oriented music.

Tim Hui on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S08.E10 – May 27, 2018
Radio Venice S05.E03 with Runson Willis – February 26, 2017
Radio Venice S03.E11 with Runson Willis – July 24, 2016

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Michael Gatto

Michael Gatto is a 11 year old guitar player and vocalist originally from Venice California. He is best known for his work as lead Guitarist of The Venice Demons, Phoenix the Cat and Orpheus. Michael’s big break came when he performed on Michael Jost’s Radio Venice.TV which has made him an instant global sensation. Other notable appearances were at Canyon Elementary’s Annual Talent Show, Time Warp Records, Venice Rising and The Grandview Market in Mar Vista.

Michael is currently studying at the Green Brooms Academy of Music in Santa Monica and inspired by such greats as Ozzy Osbourne, Slash, Green Day, Metallica and Jimi Hendrix. If you miss any of his shows don’t worry you can often catch him at open mic night or busking on Venice Beach where his solo performances will leave you breathless. more Michael Gatto »

Radio Venice Saturday Special – DJ Ty

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Radio Venice … Fine Music
Weekly Live Webcast from Breakwater Studios
in Venice, California …

Radio Venice Saturday Special

Featuring DJ Ty and MC Frankie D … watch the live stream here

DJ Ty inspires a smooth, live mix featuring the legends of music and the interpretations of their music, in the form of covers, remixes and remakes; spanning an eclectic range of obscure and mainstream genres, DJ Ty reintroduces and re-inspires the favorites of music lovers from all walks of life.

DJ Ty is a legend himself in the LA marketplace, as the sought after DJ of our times. His multi-media shows in the hottest nightspots are unique as the music sets he spins. He is considered to be on of the most versatile spinners, making a wide spectrum of music to flow.

DJ Ty on Radio Venice

Radio Venice Saturday Special – May 26, 2018
Radio Venice Saturday Special – April 7, 2018

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… fine music