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Austin Charles

Austin Charles is a soulful singer-songwriter with influences ranging from 70s rock to R&B from the past four decades.

His storytelling is accompanied by his expressive guitar playing and wide vocal range.

With strong original material and intriguing takes on cover songs, he has caught the attention of many.

Austin Charles on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S07.E08 – January 28, 2018
Radio Venice S07.E03 – November 26, 2017

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Radio Venice S07.E03 – Sunday, November 26

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David Sparrow

David Sparrow grew up in the boonies outside of Baltimore, MD singing in the church choir, listening to his mom’s piano playing, and absorbing his dad’s classic country and rock records. Under the influence of his uncle’s metal shredding and his grandfather’s flat-picking it was inevitable he’d pick up a guitar.

He has always enjoyed entertaining a crowd whether it be an acoustic set or a full-on rock show.

The music bug brought him to L.A. in the summer of 2003 and he’s been “touring” the city ever since.

These days he splits his time between solo gigs and his band Burning Jet Black.

On his own, his music falls somewhere between The Beatles and Ryan Adams and anything that’s got a catchy hook.

A solo album is planned for the near future and you can hear some demo offerings on Soundcloud.

His band Burning Jet Black released their first full length LP in April of 2016, which you can check out on Bandcamp.

David Sparrow on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S05.E08 – April 30, 2017
Radio Venice #22 – March 6, 2016

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Howard Stefan

Acoustic singer with a chill vibe, an unusual guitar playing style (upside-down, left-handed), Howard is based out of “dogtown” and draws inspiration for a wide variety of styles from reggae/rap to blues/rock.

Uncompromising and daring, this unique musician started singing/rapping acoustically in 2013 with the purpose enriching the west-LA scene and continues to write and perform locally. 2017 brings a change in writing style for Howard as he expands his lyrical content into more socially conscious subjects.

Howard Stefan on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S07.E03 – November 26, 2017
Radio Venice S05.E01 – February 12, 2017

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Jeremy Parker

Jeremy Parker is a singer-songwriter and member of MEET ME AT THE PUB.

MEET ME AT THE PUB from Venice Beach, California, formed in 1999. Jeremy, Sully and Jack started playing their first shows at the Malibu Inn every Monday night, soon building a rapid local fan base with the local surfers and skaters. Their early shows helped the band find their true Southern California style combining’ melodic vocals, thumpin bass lines and thick beats. The band plays Reggae, Rock, Ska, Punk and even the odd waltz. Fans enjoy the spontaneous freestyles that keep the shows fresh and live every night. more Jeremy Parker »