Radio Venice Live Stream

Radio Venice Live Stream - Fine Music

Radio Venice S19.E05

4:20pm Sunday, March 6, 2022 PST
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The Guests

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Meet the Guests

La Matilda - Radio Venice

La Matilda

LA MATILDA’s music is a fusion of Latin tropical rhythms from and contemporary genres like Rock, Funk, Jazz, and Pop, we call it Nu-Tropiks Fusion.
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Erinn Williams - Radio Venice

Erinn Williams

With a background in opera, ERINN WILLIAMS is known for her beautiful melodies and songs that have a delicate, breakable edge to them.
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Drumdala - Radio Venice


DRUMDALA is an audio-visual performance group specializing in a fusion of tribal, modern dance, and cinematic styles, based around The Drumdala – mandala of drums, designed by Richard Sherwood.
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