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Rae Stanton

Rae Stanton, co-founder and co-producer of Radio Venice, is an Australia-based lover of music. Her business, Accurate Expressions, has morphed from bookkeeping and systems design, to web and graphic design. She has a talent for turning big ideas into full blown realities, whether it is online or in real life. It’s these skills and more that she brought to Radio Venice: designing the logo, building the website, setting up all the social media channels and creating our YouTube channel. At the production level, she is involved in the weekly programming, handles all aspects of artist bookings, and promotion of the weekly events. All of which is done remotely from Australia, for the love of music.

With the advent of COVID and the implementation of strict isolation laws in the early months of 2020, she took the show to the next level by shifting it to a multi-venue format, allowing us to bring in musicians from all over the world, ensuring continued success during a period heaving with other live streams.

With this new format Rae tunes in every week from Byron Bay, Australia adding co-host to her many hats.

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  1. Happy 30th Birthday Rae ,

    we miss you at the Kiwi house in Santa Monica and looking forward to when the Aussie / Kiwi bubble begins ..

    All the best , Mikey , Victor and Richelle …

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