Music Business Seminar

Radio Venice is proud to announce its partnership with California Lawyers for the Arts for their upcoming Music Business Seminar on February 24 at Electric Lodge in Venice.

We will be providing music (Michael Jost and Sunny War) on the day, as well as streaming part of the event.

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California Lawyers for the Arts - Radio Venice

Music Business Seminar - February 24, 2018

Join CLA in Venice for the 34th annual Music Business Seminar: Independent Spirit.

Featuring live music, keynote, free attorney one-on-ones, bookstore, and expert panels packed with valuable information!

Millions dream of attaining glamour and wealth through music. This book reveals the secrets of the music business that have made fortunes for the superstars. A must-have for every songwriter, performer, musician and music industry professional. The authors will sign books following their keynote presentation. This comprehensive 512 page book covers music publishing, recording, composing, contracts, royalties, song licensing, foreign income, new media, the internet, and much more!

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Ericka Sancé

Ericka Sancé is a Guatemalan American musician from Los Angeles California.

She began her music career playing with bossa nova jazz band “Sister Rogers” when she was in her very late teens. Later the band signed with Manimal Vinyl mostly known for releasing bands such as “warpaint” “Edward Sharp and the magnetic zeros” & “Yoko Ono”.

The Band broke up in 2014. Ericka then began her solo career & moved to the forest at her grandfathers farm in Guatemala and write new music away from the city noise. She has come back to record her first debut single “Heavenly Song” just recently released on her own record label “Strawberry Fields” on February 14, 2018. She has her single release show at the townhouse in Venice on Tuesday march 27.

Out of the love for traditional folk music. Ericka has also founded a folk duo with her friend Nettie Rose Freed. The duo is named “Nettie & Sance”.

You may catch Ericka playing solo, with a full band or with her folk duo at an old time bar or at your nearest house party.

Ericka Sancé on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S07.E12 – February 25, 2018

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Maurizia Dalla Volta + Ron Grun

Maurizia Dalla Volta was born in Venice, Italy. She studied flute at the conservatory in Padua and the Ecole Normale in Paris. She is currently flute professor in 2 conservatories in Paris and is the founder of “PiccolOpera” presenting Opera in chamber music setting.

Ronald Grun, multi-instrumentalist, grew up in New York City and studied bassoon at Juilliard School of Music and Northern Illinois University. He currently lives in Paris and is co-founder of PiccolOpera.

Maurizia Dalla Volta + Ron Grun on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S07.E12 – February 25, 2018

Audrey McNamara

Born in 1982, Audrey McNamara, came, the first of 6 children, to a humble family in Aurora, Colorado. As a child, drawing was pure play to the young artist, and she spent countless hours at her drawing table, tool in hand.

In 2005 Audrey obtained a vocational degree in Fashion Design/Garment Assembly at Emily Griffith Opportunity School in Denver.

Early days, working as a freelance artist brought Audrey influential mentors, and in 2008 it was suggested, to her, that she move to expand her field of opportunity in Los Angeles.

With an education from Venice Beach in street vending, Audrey spent time in prominent cities all over the country, and in Latin America, showing and selling her work, and gaining notoriety.

Today, she lives, with her two daughters, in Los Angeles, California, doing predominantly fine art painting and book illustration. Audrey gives many thanks to her collectors and clients for so much support over the years!

Audrey McNamara on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S07.E12 – February 25, 2018

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Emer Kinsella (EMERSION)

Emer Kinsella is a film composer, classically-trained experimental violinist and songwriter.

Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, Emer began her musical journey at the age of two and a half as a classical violinist. This later led to composing her own works and an increasing interest in writing music for film and media. Emer has lived and studied in musical capitals such as London, Vienna and Berlin after which she was accepted with a full scholarship to attend Columbia College Chicago on an MFA in film scoring. Emer has collaborated on hiphop, dance and interdisciplinary performing arts projects as a violinist and composer.

“Emer loves to experiment with texture, sound, and atmosphere; seeking to create something new by pushing it beyond its boundaries or combining genres… She tells a story with music the way poets tell a story with words, and has mastered the way to evoke tears, joy, fear, dread, love”those emotions that are difficult to verbalize yet are so easily expressed by music.”
— Writers Cafe

She performed and recorded solo violin on the recent Daniel Radcliffe film ‘Jungle’ and on the Netflix TV Series ‘Sense8’. Emer enjoys manipulating and blending sounds together to create new and unique textural atmospheres in her music. Emer performs live concerts with ambient violin loops and original sonic creations using Ableton Live. She is currently working on a music video which will be released soon.

Photo © Pedro Salvadore

Emer Kinsella on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S07.E11 – February 18, 2018

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Joel Thomas Hynes

Joel Thomas Hynes is a multidisciplinary artist from Calvert, Newfoundland.

Hynes is currently based out of Toronto and is in the midst of releasing an album of original music and developing a feature film to direct.

He is the author of numerous acclaimed books, including Down to the Dirt (adapted to screen in 2008), Right Away Monday, Straight Razor Days, God Help Thee: A Manifesto and Say Nothing Saw Wood (which was recently adapted, by Hynes, to the big screen under the title Cast No Shadow and won numerous awards including four Canadian Screen Award Nominations).

His most recent novel We’ll All Be Burnt in Our Beds Some Night was longlisted for the ScotiaBank Giller Prize and won the Governor General’s Award for Fiction.

JTH has also written and directed a couple of award winning short films – Little Man and Clipper Gold and wrote and directed several shorts during a recent residency at the Canadian Film Centre in Toronto.

Hynes has also been working as an actor for almost twenty years and continues to perform lead and principles roles in both television and film, including shows such as Orphan Black, Frontier, Mary Kills People, Republic of Doyle, Eye Witness, Book of Negroes, Hatching Matching and Dispatching and films such as Hunting Pignut, Cast No Shadow, Crackie, Down to the Dirt, and First Round Down.

Hynes is the creator, an executive producer and lead actor for the new CBC comedy series Little Dog, due for broadcast March 1st, 2018.

Joel Thomas Hynes on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S07.E11 – February 18, 2018

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