Gina & Sam Leslie

Gina and Sam Leslie are siblings originally from Colorado. Gina, based out of Venice, is joined by her brother for Radio Venice as a special out-of-town guest. Raised in a bluegrass family, their music is rooted in folk and bluegrass traditions, and blends with their love of jazz, creating a unique swing sound.

Gina’s raw and sultry voice sounds like it belongs in a 1920’s speakeasy, backed by Sam’s face-melting guitar solos and solid rhythm playing is a unique combination of chemistry and sounds. They play anything from Willie Nelson to George Gershwin, giving their own twist to classic songs.

Gina & Sam Leslie on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S03.E04 – May 29, 2016

Soleil Niklasson

Soleil Niklasson was born in Chicago Illinois, USA, and grew up in Los Angeles, California.

As a child she already started her career at the age of five on television and later received an Emmy for her vocal talent together with the famous singer Oscar Brown Jr. During the following years she stood on stage with artists like Billy Preston, Linda Hopkins, Stan Getz and Rod Stewart. With her debut album ‘Coming Home’ (Blue Flame Records) with the band Hermosa she has been highly praised. Continue reading Soleil Niklasson

String Theory

String Theory is a hybrid performance ensemble combining their signature gigantic architectural harp installations, original music, dance, and projections.

L.A.’s genre bending supergroup continues to transfix audiences in the US and abroad; from Singapore to Grand Cayman to Walt Disney Concert Hall​, to The Emmys, The Grammys, ​museums & festivals, ​their installations and performances have left indelible impressions. Long-string Harp installations running hundreds of feet, combined with dance and original music create an immersive sensory environment. Continue reading String Theory

BioRhythm (Ireesh Lal)

BioRhythm launched during Spring 2016 from Los Angeles as a new performing arts ensemble. The collective features live body painting by Nicolette Spear, acro yoga and acrobatics by The Astrobats, live music led by Ireesh Lal, and Norton Wisdom painting on a wet-erase canvas. Multi-instrumentalist and programmer, Ireesh Lal combines original electronic music with exotic East Indian elements alongside the distinctly Western tones of the jazz trumpet, creating a captivating new sound. Legendary LA artist, Norton Wisdom, paints to Lal’s music on a wet-erase board, and we watch as he continuously alters the canvas, creating picture after picture, one into the next, with great detail and ease.

Performing alongside are a host of acrobats known as The Astrobats, who are constantly being painted upon live by body painting artist Nicolette Spear. The synergy formed by these interactive performers produces an almost overwhelming amount of creativity exploding from each live show. National Public Radio featured music from Ireesh Lal’s album, Ethnotronica, during it’s show, PRI’s “The World”. 108 college/indie radio stations across North America play the album and according to the CMJ charts, it reached #5 on the New World Top 40 and #15 on the RPM (electronic music) Top 40. It also hit #9 on the !earshot International Charts.

BioRhythm actively produces it’s own video series, sharing new footage every month taken from live performances, special events, photo shoots and private parties.

BioRhythm on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S3 #1 – May 8, 2016

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Ajna Nirvana

Ajna Nirvana is a nomadic artist. She was born of Polish gypsy parents as a first generation American. Having never lived in one place for too long, she considers herself a world citizen. She is spending her 20s mostly on the Hawaiian islands. Her music is very much so influenced from deep meditations, shamanic ceremonies, and an overall natural perspective on life. Her biggest musical influences include Elliphant, David Bowie, and Shpongle.

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