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Mandy May Blest

Mandy May Blest is a singer-songwriter from the deep woods of Pennsylvania. She resides in Los Angeles, CA. Performing, writing, and Recording. Mandy’s voice and songs are hauntingly beautiful. Mandy has a raw soulful sound. Since 2013 Mandy has performed all over the Country. In 2017 she performed a mini tour around Europe. Mandy now is currently writing and recording new music for 2020.

Mandy May Blest on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S12.E10 – November 24, 2019
Radio Venice S07.E05 – December 10, 2017

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2 thoughts on “Mandy May Blest”

  1. It is a privilege to listen to Mandy’s ‘live rehearsals’~ my home is across from hers… it’s like my very own private concerts!
    Forever a Fan! ❤️

  2. I am constantly looking across the Internet at Talent and Marketing Trends in The Music Bussiness ! When I Came Across Mandy May Blest . I was truly taken back Yes the smile and beautiful features are easy on the eyes , but I’m not interested in just a pretty face , I listen to a black and white video clip that was similar to karaoke with a decent room to Record in and good microphone . As she delivered the vocals I was completely hooked The the Tone and Range she displayed. Still skeptical and thinking maybe she just practice that song a hundred times and nailed it , I researched for more Recording performances by Mandy May Blest . What I seen was nothing short of Incredible . Because of the simple Recording method And at the time very low video view number. I attempted to contact Mandy May Blest . In the hope of Recording a few songs in Nashville Tennessee. Unknown to me was that she has already been in Nashville and has published work accredited to her . I would like to say to Talent Scouting And Recording Industry. I would not pass on Singing Mandy May Blest and would also not allow her to be placed on the back burner as she Highly Marketing Quality! I would Record And Exploit In Full Extravagance. It’s not everyday that Talent Beauty And Quality Personality is Available And Is a full package that doesn’t need a whole lot of A&R. She’s Wonderful and It Was a Great experience to Come across her video and be blown away by her Diamante Vocals. I Sincerely Hope that A Talent like this is taken to a great place where it belongs.

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