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Mandy May Blest

Mandy May Blest is a 26-year-old singer/songwriter residing in Southern California.

Hailing from Scranton Pa, Mandy May started writing and recording music 5 years ago. She performed in numerous clubs on the east coast before moving to Southern California. Since then she’s played well-known venues such as The Mint, The House of Blues on Sunset, and the Viper Room.

Mandy May specializes in her original music and her unique covers of other Artists. She is seeking to expand her fan base, produce more records, and perform live.

Mandy May Blest on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S07.E05 – December 10, 2017

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2 thoughts on “Mandy May Blest”

  1. It is a privilege to listen to Mandy’s ‘live rehearsals’~ my home is across from hers… it’s like my very own private concerts!
    Forever a Fan! ❤️

  2. I am constantly looking across the Internet at Talent and Marketing Trends in The Music Bussiness ! When I Came Across Mandy May Blest . I was truly taken back Yes the smile and beautiful features are easy on the eyes , but I’m not interested in just a pretty face , I listen to a black and white video clip that was similar to karaoke with a decent room to Record in and good microphone . As she delivered the vocals I was completely hooked The the Tone and Range she displayed. Still skeptical and thinking maybe she just practice that song a hundred times and nailed it , I researched for more Recording performances by Mandy May Blest . What I seen was nothing short of Incredible . Because of the simple Recording method And at the time very low video view number. I attempted to contact Mandy May Blest . In the hope of Recording a few songs in Nashville Tennessee. Unknown to me was that she has already been in Nashville and has published work accredited to her . I would like to say to Talent Scouting And Recording Industry. I would not pass on Singing Mandy May Blest and would also not allow her to be placed on the back burner as she Highly Marketing Quality! I would Record And Exploit In Full Extravagance. It’s not everyday that Talent Beauty And Quality Personality is Available And Is a full package that doesn’t need a whole lot of A&R. She’s Wonderful and It Was a Great experience to Come across her video and be blown away by her Diamante Vocals. I Sincerely Hope that A Talent like this is taken to a great place where it belongs.

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