Winter Grain

Winter Grain is at its core Kate and Secily Anderson. Their eponymous debut was produced by Ryan Hadlock (Brandi Carlile, Allen Stone). Their music is influenced by Kate’s experience as an Army helicopter pilot, Secily’s upbringing studying piano at The Cleveland Institute of Music and guitar at BYU, and their shared life as a married couple.

They are recent transplants to Los Angeles via Salt Lake City. On stage they are joined by Elliott Klein (guitar), Ryan Gleason (bass), and Morris Carrillo (drums).

Photo by Joshua Going Photography

Winter Grain on Radio Venice

Radio Venice 5 Year Anniversary Show – September 20, 2020
Radio Venice S14.E11 – July 19, 2020
Radio Venice S10.E04 – February 3, 2019

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Los Pochos

What is a Pocho? One who lacks proficiency in Spanish but is of Mexican descent. So with that out of the way who are Los Pochos?

Los Pochos is a three Spanish guitar and vocal collaboration born in Venice Beach, CA. Band members Isaac Irvin (from El Paso, Texas), Michael Jost (from Frankfurt, Germany) and Rick Boston (from Alberta, Canada) started playing together in Venice for fun, but soon were being asked to play at parties and art shows.

Isaac Irvin sings in Spanish and English and this combination makes for a great blend of Tex Mex and south of the border vocals. Michael Jost is an accomplished flamenco and rock guitarist and is also a record producer with his own eclectic Radio Venice weekly internet broadcast. Rick Boston is a multi instrumentalist, musician, film composer and record producer, now enamored with his Spanish gut string guitar.

With Mexican rock songs such as Negra Tomasa and Cuban traditional El Quarta de Tula the three pochos dig into these Latin sounds with the fun of a Manu Chao but the instrumental skill of a Gypsy King. Well, almost!

Los Pochos on Radio Venice

Radio Venice 5 Year Anniversary Show – September 20, 2020
Radio Venice 3 Year Anniversary Show – September 23, 2018
Radio Venice 100th Episode – May 6, 2018
Radio Venice S07.E10 – February 11, 2018
Radio Venice 2 Year Anniversary S06.E08 – September 24, 2017

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Áine Tyrrell

Having lived in Australia for a decade, Irish born singer-songwriter Áine Tyrrell rewrites what is imaginable every step of the way. Whether she is captaining her infamous 1966 Bedford Tour Bus or whether she is carving a unique musical path melding her own Irish roots from the ancient limestone rocks of Country Clare with her respect of the red dirt roads of 60,000 years of Indigenous culture in Australia, she is doing it all to her very own beat. It is no surprise then that The Australian warned early on that “Tyrrell’s incredible journey is one you’d be well advised to follow.”

As Áine’s music appeal grows internationally, her first recognition of her talents in America have been represented by being selected as an official showcase artist for the International Folk Alliance.

Her fresh and innovative rewriting of the rule book in song structure and composition has not gone unrecognised Internationally either. Following the release of the single “In This House” in 2019 with over 18,000 entries Tom Waits voted her not only as a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition, but she received the much-coveted honourable mention in the Singer-Songwriter Category. Her exceptional musicianship and an equally deft touch with a killer hook or a heartrending lament has also garnered critical acclaim from national radio outlets in both Ireland and Australia with multiple radio appearances on ABC Radio, RTE Radio, Double J Radio, and BBC NI Music.

Áine Tyrrell on Radio Venice

Radio Venice 5 Year Anniversary Show – September 20, 2020
Radio Venice S14.E06 – June 14, 2020

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Brad Kay

Brad Kay on Radio Venice

Radio Venice 5 Year Anniversary Show – September 20, 2020
Radio Venice S13.E13 – April 12, 2020
Radio Venice S09.E09 – November 4, 2018
Radio Venice S07.E10 – February 11, 2018

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Alfred Johnson

The highly regarded singer/songwriter and funky piano player, Alfred Johnson, is considered by some as one of this century’s most animated and original songwriters. His energetic style of playing the keys brings a wonderful compliment to his music.

Alfred co-wrote three songs with Rickie Lee Jones on her Platinum Grammy Award winning premiere album containing the hit single ‘Chuck E’s In Love’. Alfred’s songs have been covered by Diane Reeves and Ernie Watts. Recognized as a true craftsman of his art, his musical influences include: Taj Mahal, Leon Russell, Dr. John, Randy Newman, Danny O’Keefe, David Wilcox and Bill Champlin.

He is best known for his amazing lyric-driven tunes that will keep you captivated. Alfred’s musical style is quite diverse and encompasses Funk, New Orleans, Pop, Rock ‘n’ Soul, Gospel, “Rhythm & Bluegrass,” and music that will have you wanting to dance. The emphasis is always on the lyric. Alfred has written about 900 tunes, and at least 70 of them are published. He loves co-writing and has written several songs with Jodi Siegel. Alfred’s been playing the circuit of live venues around Los Angeles for nearly 40 years. Recently, Alfred had a wonderful reunion with Ricki Lee Jones opening for her at the Coach House and that is apparently going to happen again!

The NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SONGWRITERS is quoted as describing Alfred Johnson as “…a talent of this caliber is a rare treat…”, but most everyone else just knows him as an amazing person and prolific writer with unique spirit and drive.

“Alfred Johnson is one of those writers writers who, like Cole Porter, Marie Caine and Stephen Soundheim, takes your breath away with the sheer craft of it, and makes you proud to be in this often under-acknowledged profession of songwriting.” – HARRIET SHOCK, 1993

“I think he is a genius lyricist, and I really enjoyed his singing. And if that’s him playing the piano, my hats off to [him] in that department, too.” – DAVID FRESHBERG

Alfred Johnson on Radio Venice

Radio Venice 5 Year Anniversary Show – September 20, 2020
Radio Venice S08.E16 – July 8, 2018

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Tovi Khali

Tovi Khali is a vocalist, poet and songwriter from New Orleans, and the Tovi in Stoviink.

At 12 years old sneaking down to the French Quarter in daylight to listen to live bands, Tovi Khali was birthed.  A native of New Orleans, this, Songwriter, Vocalist, and all around Entertainer promises a display of brass band, funk, and soul mixed with gritty chest tones. To simplify, if Grace Jones and Issac Hayes had a love child, Tovi would be just that. She owns improv as an impulse and can change an atmosphere in any room, big or small, at any time.

Tovi Khali on Radio Venice

Radio Venice 5 Year Anniversary Show – September 20, 2020
Radio Venice S14.E07 – June 21, 2020

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Blackjack Daisy

Blackjack Daisy is an acoustic platform for songwriter Scott Ferguson, a musician/producer deeply rooted in the American music traditions.

Also the creator/producer/co-host of The Wildwood Flower Radio Hour, as Sunday night fixture on LA’s KXLU 88.9 FM dedicated to the music of Appalachia in all its iterations and a Board member of the Topanga Banjo Fiddle Contest, Scott launched his career producing Robben Ford’s Grammy-nominated Talk To Your Daughter Warner Bros. album in 1988.

The current performers in Blackjack Daisy are cellist/bassist Niall Ferguson and Scarlet Rivera, violinist for Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Revue.

Blackjack Daisy on Radio Venice

Radio Venice 5 Year Anniversary Show – September 20, 2020

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Van de Forst

“Unconditional”: No compromise for VAN DE FORST in 2020
release 11.09.2020

You have to begin by having faith in yourself, even if it feels like a natural prerequisite: VAN DE FORST sings pop in English with a strong country appeal. There is currently no niche for this genre in Germany and VAN DE FORST has taken the step of creating her own variety with her new album “Unconditional”. “Of course, I’m taking a certain risk by making this type of music. However, I feel it’s worth taking the plunge because I love it and at the same time, I view it as a challenge.” Country pop – catchy and with soul, steel guitar and harmonica. That’s not exactly what you’d expect on seeing this young lady adorned with tattoos and a flowing blonde mane, but it was never about adhering to clichés, but about the “feeling” – you have to hear it to be able to feel it.

Van de Forst on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S15.E01 – September 13, 2020

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