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Radio Venice S08.E16 – Sunday, July 8

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Alfred Johnson

The highly regarded singer/songwriter and funky piano player, Alfred Johnson, is considered by some as one of this century’s most animated and original songwriters. His energetic style of playing the keys brings a wonderful compliment to his music.

Alfred co-wrote three songs with Rickie Lee Jones on her Platinum Grammy Award winning premiere album containing the hit single ‘Chuck E’s In Love’. Alfred’s songs have been covered by Diane Reeves and Ernie Watts. Recognized as a true craftsman of his art, his musical influences include: Taj Mahal, Leon Russell, Dr. John, Randy Newman, Danny O’Keefe, David Wilcox and Bill Champlin.

He is best known for his amazing lyric-driven tunes that will keep you captivated. Alfred’s musical style is quite diverse and encompasses Funk, New Orleans, Pop, Rock ‘n’ Soul, Gospel, “Rhythm & Bluegrass,” and music that will have you wanting to dance. The emphasis is always on the lyric. Alfred has written about 900 tunes, and at least 70 of them are published. He loves co-writing and has written several songs with Jodi Siegel. Alfred’s been playing the circuit of live venues around Los Angeles for nearly 40 years. Recently, Alfred had a wonderful reunion with Ricki Lee Jones opening for her at the Coach House and that is apparently going to happen again!

The NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SONGWRITERS is quoted as describing Alfred Johnson as “…a talent of this caliber is a rare treat…”, but most everyone else just knows him as an amazing person and prolific writer with unique spirit and drive.

“Alfred Johnson is one of those writers writers who, like Cole Porter, Marie Caine and Stephen Soundheim, takes your breath away with the sheer craft of it, and makes you proud to be in this often under-acknowledged profession of songwriting.” – HARRIET SHOCK, 1993

“I think he is a genius lyricist, and I really enjoyed his singing. And if that’s him playing the piano, my hats off to [him] in that department, too.” – DAVID FRESHBERG

Alfred Johnson on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S08.E16 – July 8, 2018

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Darden Sisters

The Darden Sisters are comprised of Selah, on the violin; Clarah, the guitarist; Havi on mandolin; and Tabbi, the bassist. All four of them are vocalists in the group, focusing on harmonies and musical blends.

Raised on the California Coast in a family of musicians, they grew up surrounded by musical influences from almost every genre. In the early 2000’s, their parents piled us into an RV, and together they embarked on several singing tours around the US, traveling as far east as Ohio. Originally their vocals were backed by their Grandpa Joe Tatar on honky-tonk style piano, but eventually, each of them decided on an instrument, and when their family came off the road in 2008, the four of them began to hone in on forming their own musical entity.

They are all songwriters in the group, now playing several instruments each. Since coming off the road, they have developed a sound which has been dubbed “Alternative Americana”.

Residing in Orange County, California, they’ve grown up performing locally in venues such as Placentia’s Concerts in the Park, The Anaheim Packing District, the Muckenthaler Cultural Arts Center, Monster Jam at Angel’s Stadium, and for the Navy Reserves and Veterans on the Queen Mary and USS Iowa Battleship. (Fun fact: they love performing for our Veterans- they’re their favorite! <3 )

In 2014, the Darden Sisters were featured performing originals on Puro 43 Music Sessions; a television show that was shot and aired in The Netherlands. Later, they got to surprise Paula Abdul for her birthday during the taping of Studio 10, an Australian TV program.

They enjoy performing an extensive variety of music including Americana, Western Swing, Jazz, Pop, Country, Gospel, Blues, Patriotic, and anything else they feel inspired to tackle.

Music has always been their first love, and their goal is to share that love with as many people as possible!

Darden Sisters on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S08.E16 – July 8, 2018
Radio Venice S03.E07 – June 19, 2016
Radio Venice S03.E04 – May 29, 2016

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