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April King

Born in 1967 in LeHigh Acres, Florida, grew up as one of the “Little Ones” in a family with six kids. Her career began as a baby singing the gear-changes of the car motor as the King Family tooled up and down the Southeastern seaboard.

April enjoyed an awesome vocal/musical education at the youth performing arts school.

Finding no room for herself in classical music, she went to NYC. Dropped by Germany for a visit, got stuck. That was in ’92, and she’s been there ever since.

April met Matthias in 2000. Started playing the Blues. Travelled a bunch of places, played everywhere. Married, got two kids. More you don`t need to know, cause anything else she says will probably be made up!

April King on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S16.E12 as King Baumgardt – April 4, 2021

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