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Radio Venice 100th Episode S08.E07 Musical Guests

  • Golden Buddha
  • Jewpanese Brothers
  • VPO
  • Joey Maramba
  • Diego Garcia
  • Los Pochos
  • dlee
  • Runson Willis
  • Sunny War
  • Peter Demian
  • Bambi Feel Good
  • Milo Gonzalez
  • Sky Willie
  • Desi Ramone
  • Mark Steggell
  • Witucky Derby
  • Vinnie Caggiano
  • Greg Cruz
  • Suzy Williams
  • DJ Petey Pete

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Lubiana is a Belgian-Cameroonian singer, songwriter and musician born in Belgium on December the 12th 1993. Her musical career began at the age of 8 when she started studying piano, guitar, saxophone, music theory and performing arts. At 17, she started studying Vocal Jazz at the Conservatory of Leuven, where she now has a Master Degree.

When Lubiana turned 21 she made a dream in which she saw for the first time the kora*. A month later her dream became reality when she heard a kora player in the streets of Spain. Like love at first sight, she knew that this amazing instrument would change her life.

Through the sound of the kora, Lubiana started to reconnect with her African roots and learn more about her ancestors, story and Bamiléké* tribe as well as she began a powerful inner journey

With the Kora strapped to her back, she showcased at Ronnie Scott’s Club in London on the tracks of Jimi Hendrix and Miles Davis. She collaborated with Marlon Roudette who earned several golden and platinum awards. Furthermore she also collaborated with Massive Attack’s DA Michael Timothy and with Amy Winehouse and Alex Hepburn’s producer, Ian Barter.

Lubiana also drew the attention of other artists such as “Daddy Lessons”‘ composer interpreted by Beyoncé and the well-known Kora player,Toumani Diabaté (Sting,Bjork,M…).

Lubiana’s upcoming EP named “Break Free” will be released in September 2018. “Break Free” takes us on soulful, afro electro-pop journey, directed and produced by Samuel Rabet (e.g. Mohombi, Caballero & Lomepal, Beedie, …).

“Break Free” is more than just an EP. It redraws the quest of an adventurous and reckless young woman in thirst of freedom in a powerful and sincere way. Lubiana belongs to the next generation of talented women who, challenge the status quo, break rules and open up minds.

*kora: A traditional West-African harp with a smooth and heart-warming sonorities
*Tribe from Cameroon

Lubiana on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S08.E06 – April 29, 2018

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Sam Stacy

Sam Stacy is a 24 year old Singer/Songwriter from Lincoln, Nebraska, currently living in Los Angeles. Mixing different parts from Blues, Folk, R&B, and Soul, Sam’s style of music features often complex guitar parts layered with smooth baritone vocals.

Growing up, Sam’s music was influenced by John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Bill Withers, James Taylor, and Jason Mraz, among many others. Musical theater also played a big role in shaping Sam’s stage presence and vocal characteristics, as he was in dozens of different local shows at a young age. After Sam’s grandparents bought him an acoustic guitar at age 12, he quickly caught the bug, and was soon practicing for hours a day in his room. Since then, Sam has played hundreds of shows in Nebraska, Iowa, Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota, Alabama, and California.

Sam is currently working on his first full length album, expected in Winter 2018. His single “Ghost” will be released in June 2018, in conjunction with a music video.

Sam Stacy on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S08.E06 – April 29, 2018

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