Radio Venice on Tour - Frankfurt

Radio Venice on Tour – Frankfurt

Featuring Tony Clark, La Mimosas, Matthias Baumgardt, Wolf Schubert-k + Bine Morgenstern and Michael Jost

Thank you Abbey Road Institute Frankfurt, Ulli Schiller and his students Dirk Andre, Holger Oest, Jakob Morschewsky and Lucas Baumeister, without whom this night wouldn’t have been possible.

The full cast and crew!

Radio Venice on Tour - Frankfurt
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Standing (L-R): Ulli Schiller, Jakob Morschewsky, Lucas Baumeister, Matthias Baumgardt, Michael Jost, Wolf Schubert-K, Louis Keppler, Christian Debus, Dirk Andre, Holger Oest, Rae Stanton
Sitting (L-R): Tony Clark, Andreas Keppler, Bine Morgenstern, Ulrich Keppler

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