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La Mimosas

La Mimosas, the bluesy, crossover Rock’n Soul Band from Frankfurt/Germany is coming to town.

What you can expect is that they will play and perform their original songs from the (1st) previous album production „Soul on Fire“ (released in 2013) and brand new tunes from the album „Unity in Diversity“ (released August 2017).

Equipped with many years of live performing experience, entertainment and musical talent can look forward to being part of their wild, intense and emotional musical performance – and of course to listen to their „finest selection of Rock’n Soul“ Songs on your stage if it’s a festival or a music club venue.

Let´s check it out how LaMimosas can make it!!

La Mimosas – the members are:

Andreas Keppler (Voc. Lyrics and Instruments)
born and raised: Frankfurt, Germany
located: Frankfurt/Germany

Ulrich Keppler ( Guitars, Music, Engineering, Arrangements, Backing Voc., Instruments)
born and raised: Frankfurt, Germany
located: Niederdorfelden /Germany

Jacques Voutay (Drums, Backing Voc., Instruments)
born and raised: Evian, France
located: Frankfurt/Germany

Produced by: Michael Jost, Jost Music Los Angeles/ Venice Beach

The German Inner circle is:
Louis Keppler played several instruments, vocal harmonies
Reiner Backe played brilliant bass tracks again

The recordings are made in the Recording-Studio: Getränkevertrieb/ Niederdorfelden, Germany

The new album called: Unity in Diversity!

What is the credo? „we have sorted the world from our point of view – the tiny piece and the (way too ..) big rocks as well – still believing that the universe will provide …. for sure it will …in the long run!

The Music?: We went a bit through an evolution again in order to express ourselves by using the wide open space of music
The album contains 13 original songs and the entire production was released August 2017.

La Mimosas on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S14.E03 – May 24, 2020
Radio Venice on Tour – Frankfurt – August 21, 2017
Field Trippin’ Fest – September 16, 2017

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Radio Venice on Tour – Frankfurt

Featuring Tony Clark, La Mimosas, Matthias Baumgardt, Wolf Schubert-k + Bine Morgenstern and Michael Jost

Thank you Abbey Road Institute Frankfurt, Ulli Schiller and his students Dirk Andre, Holger Oest, Jakob Morschewsky and Lucas Baumeister, without whom this night wouldn’t have been possible.

The full cast and crew!

Radio Venice on Tour - Frankfurt
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Standing (L-R): Ulli Schiller, Jakob Morschewsky, Lucas Baumeister, Matthias Baumgardt, Michael Jost, Wolf Schubert-K, Louis Keppler, Christian Debus, Dirk Andre, Holger Oest, Rae Stanton
Sitting (L-R): Tony Clark, Andreas Keppler, Bine Morgenstern, Ulrich Keppler
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Radio Venice on Tour – Frankfurt – Monday, August 21

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8:20pm – 10:00pm CEST (Frankfurt)
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SPECIAL EVENT: Live from Abbey Road Institue, Frankfurt

Radio Venice on Tour – Frankfurt Musical Guests

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