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Adam Jason

Everywhere, every stare, all the sunsets, become so clear.
Never realizing, how close the future is,
the souls of music in my heart it lives.
Breathing as a new born to where I am today,
something inside, calling, pulling me my way.

Golden rules of the day, are far from what before.
I refuse to abide by such a sign, on any mans door.
I give my heart, my soul, my mind,
to all such arts that aid man kind.

Darkness lurks into my world, when I fall or open my gates.
The light guides me through, keeping my faith.
Nothing in this world, is more precious, more devine,
life, music, souls, times line.

My mind, my body, my heart, my soul,
I share, I tear, my world for all.

~Adam Jason

Adam Jason on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S04.E04 – October 2, 2016

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