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Music Box Micro Stage

“I am a Micro Stage with a lot of Macro Magic. I travel far and wide, with the help of That Guy (my assistant), to bring performers of all kinds, and kind performer watchers together in whatever space we can all fit together in (just about anywhere).”

The Music Box is a truly mobile, self contained ‘micro stage’ (all battery powered), complete with lighting fx, 8 channel p.a. with on-board recording, and optional sitting (the famous Cherry Bench). Also, a mini box extension for rhythm accompaniment can be made available upon polite request.

Typically a solo, singer/songwriter venue, there’s nothing typical about the Music Box. It’s 4 foot wide/2 feet deep foot print (not counting 2 feet more of the apron), has handled duets to 4 piece bands; stringed instrumentalists to percussionists; keyboards to Autoharp; accordion to comics (even a comic playing accordion); a cappella singers to overly equipped Loopers (good thing there’s an apron). And the sound coming out of it is great. However, there is a height limit of about 6’2″, so tallers (or folks with big hats) will be on the Bench.

Whether out in the wilderness or on city sidewalks; on the beach or poolside; the B Stage at festivals and gatherings or the perfect backdrop for an on-line performance, the Music Box Micro Stage offers a Macro Show experience.

It is currently moving around in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

Music Box Micro Stage on Radio Venice

Radio Venice at Burning Man Day 9 – September 7, 2020

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