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Gerry Fialka

Gerry Fialka worked for Frank Zappa for 9½ years. Artist, writer, and paramedia-breather lectures world-wide on experimental film, avant-garde art and subversive social media. Praised by the LA Times as “the multi-media Renaissance man,” and LA Weekly “a cultural revolutionary.”

His PXL THIS Film Festival celebrates 31 years of electronic folk art in 2021. His writings appear in magazines: Canyon Cinema, OtherZine, CineSource, and his new book Strange Questions: Experimental Film as Conversation. His feature film The Brother Side of the Wake (BroSide) is the experimental documentary about Venice, CA, due for release soon. Gerry’s interview series MESS.

He hosts the Marshall McLuhan-Finnegans Wake Reading Club (established 1995) and you can read his Zappa essay here.

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Gerry Fialka on Radio Venice

Radio Venice does Zappa! – May 23, 2021

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Sally Slade

Sally Slade is an Engineer / Artist living in Los Angeles, CA. After eight years of writing tools for 2D and 3D artists in the Visual Effects industry, she made the leap into the AR / VR industry.

Since 2016, Sally has released four titles for HoloLens, and contributed as a Technical Designer on back-to-back projects for Magnopus in Downtown Los Angeles. Highlights include a Lead role on the Auggie Award winning Mixed Reality experience, “The Navigator” in partnership with Meow Wolf, as well as contributing her talents on a team of six engineers to build the Virtual Production system used by Disney’s The Lion King.

When not at her keyboard, Slade enjoys painting, illustrating and sketching the world around her. Catch her at Venice Open Mic night where she self-stylizes as a “Pen and Ink Paparazzi”.

Sally Slade on Radio Venice

Radio Venice at Burning Man Day 1 – August 30, 2020

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Rich Ragsdale

Rich began his career as a composer, scoring some of television’s most popular sitcoms, including WILL AND GRACE, ACCORDING TO JIM, and KING OF QUEENS. He has also scored many features, commercials, and video games for FOX Interactive, EA, and Vivendi-Universal, including the ALIENS VS PREDATOR series.

Rich transitioned into directing in the mid-2000s. Recently, he directed the feature film GHOST HOUSE, which opened theatrically all over the world, and topped the weekend box office in a number of countries in SE Asia. After its limited theatrical run in the US, GHOST HOUSE is now available on home video and was acquired for streaming by Netflix.

Rich has also directed dozens of music videos for artists like Sean Lennon, Les Claypool, 311, Theory of a Deadman, Chevelle, and Avicii with Lenny Kravitz. Rich also created the original pitch pilot for AMC’s reality title FREAKSHOW (for which he also wrote the theme song), and just wrapped production on new feature THE COVEN, which will see a 2020 release.

Rich Ragsdale on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S12.E08 – November 10, 2019

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William Attaway

Since 1979 William Attaway has been working with ceramics, painting and sculpture on a scale few have attempted.

Over Attaway’s career he has worked with city planners, politicians, corporations, youth and community groups, as well as being active in the restoration of arts in the Los Angles public schools.

William Attaway on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S12.E01 – September 15, 2019

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Candelas Music and Arts Foundation


The Candelas Music and Arts Foundation was founded by Tomas Delgado in April 2018.

The roots of the organization lie in the humble beginnings of Candelas Guitars. Founded by Porfirio & Candelario Delgado in 1928, the two brothers began a guitar-making journey that is now in its 3rd generation. The story of their success, and that of Profirio’s son Candelario (Candy), and of Candy’s son Tomas is one built upon the timeless tradition of always giving back.

Candelas Guitars has always been a beacon to those with a love of music, regardless of their social status or pedigree. The 3 generations of Luthiers have, over their lifetimes, provided the community with an ability to, not only attain instruments they couldn’t afford anywhere else, but as well as provided their business as a backdrop for learning and enrichment. Whether the music was Flamenco, Folk, Classic Trio, or Rock, everyone is given a chance to learn and to be heard.

Now as Candelas Guitars approaches its Centennial, Tomas believes that it is time to formalize what has been an 90-year mission in giving back. The Candelas Music & Arts Foundation seeks to provide musicians with an opportunity for learning or enrichment that is centered around the idea of paying it forward.

We welcome you to join us on this journey.

Candelas Music and Arts Foundation on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S11.E11 – July 14, 2019

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Jules Muck

Jules Muck started doing graffiti in Europe and great Britain twenty years ago. Muck began bombing in New York in the late 90s. She was discovered on a Bronx rooftop by Sandra Fabara “Lady Pink”, Muck apprenticed under her for the next 4 years. Muck has shown at Tokyo Big Site, the Bronx Museum of Art, the Weisman Museum in Minneapolis, Phantom Gallery in St. Louis and the Fuse Gallery in New York. She has been published in Ganz’s Graffiti Women, Cey Adam’s Definitions and both of the Murrays books Burning New York and Broken Windows. Continue reading Jules Muck

Carl McLarty

Carl’s camera takes him around the world. As a mobile video producer, he’s recently shot projects in Washington DC, Los Angeles, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, Israel, and throughout Spain.

Carl McLarty grew up in Washington State and attended UCLA where he studied Mandarin Chinese. In 2003 Carl began as an intern at legendary photo studio Smashbox Studios. In 2007 Carl worked for Getty Images Beijing, where he worked with Yaoming and other Chinese Olympic athletes. In 2008 Carl began to shoot photos for top creative agencies designing Hollywood movie posters in Los Angeles. In China, Carl also worked on film sets as a translator, photographer and DP (Director of Photography). For the last two years Carl has worked closely with Basque chef Aitor Olabegoya in Asia and Spain.

McLarty has filmed a diverse range of projects including: commercials, music videos, restaurant promos as well as cultural documentaries. Carl has photographed former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, Oscar winning movie The Hurt Locker movie poster, actors, dancers, musicians, chefs, and business leaders. Some of Carl’s clients include W Hotel, Gin Mare, Moet Hennessy, Norlan Glass, Kuai, Primaflor, Johns Hopkins University, Concept Arts, Base-FX, Gastrojoy, Hainan Airlines, Harpers Bazaar, Hush Puppies, Migas Beijing, Sohu and The Travel Channel.

Look for Carl by searching for @mclartyfilms across social media platforms for updates on current projects or to reach out to collaborate!

Carl McLarty on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S08.E14 – June 24, 2018

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Audrey McNamara

Born in 1982, Audrey McNamara, came, the first of 6 children, to a humble family in Aurora, Colorado. As a child, drawing was pure play to the young artist, and she spent countless hours at her drawing table, tool in hand.

In 2005 Audrey obtained a vocational degree in Fashion Design/Garment Assembly at Emily Griffith Opportunity School in Denver.

Early days, working as a freelance artist brought Audrey influential mentors, and in 2008 it was suggested, to her, that she move to expand her field of opportunity in Los Angeles.

With an education from Venice Beach in street vending, Audrey spent time in prominent cities all over the country, and in Latin America, showing and selling her work, and gaining notoriety.

Today, she lives, with her two daughters, in Los Angeles, California, doing predominantly fine art painting and book illustration. Audrey gives many thanks to her collectors and clients for so much support over the years!

Audrey McNamara on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S07.E12 – February 25, 2018

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Brian Mylius

We asked Brian to send us his bio and he responded:

My work draws inspiration from pee wee fight songs and the indifference of the female praying mantis. Hoping to convey a youthful outlook whilst soiling my clothes

Smoking Skull by Brian Mylius
Smoking Skull by Brian Mylius

Originally from Maryland, VA, Brian is an artistic icon associated with Venice, CA for more than 20 years. Brian Mylius’ work has been compared to that of the Greek-Italian Surrealist painter Giorgio de Chirico.

Brian’s art is featured every week on Radio Venice … you can see this guy in the top left corner of pretty much every live stream …

Brian Mylius on Radio Venice

Radio Venice 2 Year Anniversary S06.E08 – September 24, 2017

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West of Lincoln Project – Ruth Chase

Ruth Chase is primarily a project-based artist whose award-winning series, West of Lincoln Project, probed into the lives of individuals who grew up in Venice, CA, sharing stories of adversity transformed into valuable life wisdom. She is a California-based painter that uses biographical portraiture to communicate stories of compassion, and valuable insight that promotes positive social change. Her work includes the use of social media in her creative process to stimulate conversation around human value, as well as engaging the public to actively participate in the final outcome of her work.

The West of Lincoln Project reveals the wisdom that comes from growing up in Venice. Born and raised in Venice herself, Ruth presents an authentic and intimate view of the Venice community.

11 Individual Painted Portraits of people who grew up in Venice: Meta Zimmerman, Brad James, Fernando Manzanilla, David Fowler, Rhonda Lynn Wise, Eddie Hadvina, Leonard Duran, Elaine Leslie, Solo Scott, Gloria Olivas Omar, and Ruth Chase.

Additionally, the “West Of Lincoln” painting is a college of personal stories from people from all over the world, and across many decades. Every participant submitted an image and a recorded an audio clip about their experiences and memories of Venice CA.

Born 1965, grew up on Paloma Court in Venice, CA.

Solo Scott - Radio VeniceFight for your passion like your life depends on it, because it literally does. Growing up in Venice made me who I am and afforded me a lot of opportunity. At the age of seven, I got a surfboard for Christmas and I was off and running, obsessed, and became passionate about surfing from then on. That art, or talent, kept me sane amidst all the insanity.

– Solo Scott

The Opening Reception for the West of Lincoln Project is on Saturday, August 5, 4:00–8:00 pm @ Venice Arts, 13445 Beach Ave, Venice Marina, CA

Ruth Chase and Solo Scott on
Radio Venice

Radio Venice S05.E09 – May 7, 2017

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