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with Gerry Fialka

Who or what inspires you?

Suzy Williams

Why do you love Radio Venice?

It nurtures new music and Fun is the Key=FUNKY

Favorite song right now?

Outside Now by Frank Zappa

Favorite album right now?

Bravo by Suzy Williams & Michael Jost

Latest hobby you picked up?

Producing Funk Music

Last thing you read?

Finnegans Wake by James Joyce

Best breakup song?

Why Do I Feel? by The Shaggs

Best makeout song?

Can’t Fool Computers by BSP=Black Shoe Polish

Favorite quarantine activity?

Writing new articles for the Venice BeachHead

Favorite comfort food?

Spinach and rice

Favorite instrument …


… and does it have a name?

Korla Pandit

Gerry Fialka

Gerry Fialka

Gerry Fialka worked for Frank Zappa for 9½ years. Artist, writer, and paramedia-breather lectures world-wide on experimental film, avant-garde art and subversive social media. Praised by the LA Times as “the multi-media Renaissance man,” and LA Weekly “a cultural revolutionary.”

His PXL THIS Film Festival celebrates 31 years of electronic folk art in 2021. His writings appear in magazines: Canyon Cinema, OtherZine, CineSource, and his new book Strange Questions: Experimental Film as Conversation. His feature film The Brother Side of the Wake (BroSide) is the experimental documentary about Venice, CA, due for release soon. Gerry’s interview series MESS.

He hosts the Marshall McLuhan-Finnegans Wake Reading Club (established 1995) and you can read his Zappa essay here.

Virtual Tips for Gerry Fialka
In lieu of direct tips, Gerry asks that you donate to Radio Venice instead (thanks Gerry!)

Gerry Fialka on Radio Venice

Radio Venice does Zappa! – May 23, 2021

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