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with Chris Opperman

Who or what inspires you?

“Put a Motor in Yourself” by Frank Zappa
Not just the song. The phrase too.

Why do you love Radio Venice?

Rae’s hot

Favorite song right now?

“Beautiful Telephones” by Carla Bley

Favorite album right now?

“Life Goes On” by Carla Bley

Latest hobby you picked up?


Last thing you read?

His Dark Materials trilogy by Phillip Pullman

Best breakup song?

“Nookie” by Limp Bizkit

Best makeout song?

Anything by Boney James

Favorite quarantine activity?

Playing video games with my little girl

Favorite comfort food?

Potato chips

Favorite instrument …


… and does it have a name?

LOL! No.

Chris Opperman

Chris Opperman

Chris Opperman (b. 1978, New York City) is an award-winning composer and musician, college professor, and major music industry professional.

“Chris Opperman is not only a great player and composer, but a fine improviser and a talented bandleader as well.” – The All-Music Guide

Opperman started his record label Purple Cow Records in 1998 with the release of his first album Oppy Music, Vol. I: Purple, Crayon. which was produced by Zappa alumni Mike Keneally. Opperman’s other albums include a solo piano album Klavierstücke (2001), an album of improvised duets called Concepts of Non-Linear Time (2004), a live album Beyond the Foggy Highway (2005), a second studio rock album The Lionheart (2010) which features an entire orchestra plus rhythm section on its finale piece “The Porpentine,” a single called “Aphrodite Nights” (2011) for the gourd tree, a unique instrument invented by Harry Partch, and a jazz/rock EP Studio House (2012) which features originals plus covers of songs by Frank Zappa and Carla Bley. All of his recorded works are available for streaming on Spotify and other digital music services.

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Chris Opperman on Radio Venice

Radio Venice does Zappa! – May 23, 2021

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