Taylor Alexander

Taylor Alexander is a true independent artist, he plays an acute, bluesy acoustic guitar paired with a rich, soul stricken voice. He’s released 4 EPs and two singles since 2012. “Wasteland”, his latest currently on Spotify playlists. Genuine, honest lyrics make listeners instant fans, while the conversationalist elements to his songwriting enhance his fresh material, making it relatable to audiences young and old.

Taylor is currently on his third tour in 2017, this time, switching gears to support comedian/friend Rajiv Satyal on an 18 date, 10 city tour. The “Taking A Stand” tour showcases a comedic view on how MUSIC can be our unifier in these divided times. They’re coming off a sold out show in NYC’s, The Cutting Room, with dates in Cincinnati, Chicago, Phoenix, Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Francisco still to come.

Alexander’s true uniqueness lies in his one man show. He has devised a technique called the “audible illusion” where he beat boxes while playing guitar, simultaneously humming a melody over top. He seamlessly switches gears between this and traditional playing/singing. However, the use of his mouth and lips are creating the beat, therefore, deceiving the eye … similar to ventriloquism or as though a loop pedal is being used. But it’s all live! You have to see AND hear it to believe it!

Taylor Alexander on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S06.E06 – July 30, 2017

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Natali Castillo

Natali Castillo is a young singer-songwriter based in Madrid. Her music is very unique, a sweet mix of jazz, folk and pop. Her music is also intimate. She always loved the music of Bill Evans and Billie Holiday but also Joni Mitchell, Nick Drake, CSN and Neil Young.

Her first record, New Road, was presented at festivals, venues, FNAC (UK, France, Ireland, Spain). She’s got recognition from BBC London and earned several awards such as Jazz Female Singer, Compositions EMC and International Folk Festival.

She’ll be releasing new songs from her upcoming album this year, both in English and Spanish.

Natali Castillo on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S06.E06 – July 30, 2017

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Kid Caviar

Kid Caviar is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and lyricist from Santa Monica, California. He lived on Oahu’s North Shore from 2010 to 2013 and frequently rides the train between California and Arizona busking along the way. His song “Where we are” is a summer anthem and ode to his beach culture roots.

Chris “Kid Caviar” Abbott, acoustic folk rock artist has been touring with bands since the 90s with such acts as Horny Toad, the Blue Kind and Skatemaster Tate. Playing venues from Bangkok to the UK, Mexico City, Rio and across the United States.

Aside from that, he’s been pursuing a solo acoustic act that’s been seeping through the cracks throughout the years. Last year he played 40 open mics throughout the states of California, Arizona and Hawaii. Although he began in such hallowed venues as the Crooked Bar, 14 Below and the Cows End on Venice Pier. Playing for coffee patrons who are not there to see him and just want free wi-fi to write their scripts, provided a thick skin.

Some of his favorite spots on his open mic tour were Oak Creek Brewery in Sedona Az, Tiny Town in Forestville Ca, and Jerry’s Pizza Haleiwa Hi.

He’s known as the Vagabond Son, the Couch Gypsy and the Crosstie Walker. Check him out on a corner near you.

Kid Caviar on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S06.E05 – July 23, 2017
Radio Venice S06.E03 – July 9, 2017

Jason Pellegrino

Jason is “the rock” in the band Oleander Falls and the glue that holds them all together. He is an exceptional musician, being trained at Musician’s Institue in Hollywood, specializing in bass guitar. He can add some great vocal harmonies just in the right spots. And apparently he can play a mean wood block!

Jason Pellegrino on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S06.E05 – July 23, 2017

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Rob Mullins

Producer Rob Mullins is a Westside local in Los Angeles. Hailing from Ontario, California, he became a professional drummer at age 12 performing at Chaffey High School in Ontario with his first band “The Changing Times” in 1971. He joined “The Barons” a touring big band as the drummer the same year doing 70 shows a year while doing his 6th grade homework on a tour bus.

Childhood tragedies included a car accident where Rob was put on crutches for two years. Mullins was forced to switch to piano where he learned the instrument from his mother Ellen Mullins-a professional church pianist.

Forced to relocate to Denver, CO during middle school, Mullins met Joe Anderies and Jack Fredericksen who shaped his future leading to his music theory studies with John Coltrane’s and Miles Davis’ music theory teacher George Russell.

After spending a summer in New York City with George Russell, Mullins took George’s advice and dropped out of college and began making his albums. His fifth album “Soulscape” earned a Grammy nomination while simultaneously putting Denver on the map as a bona fide jazz town via PBS Radio.

Mullins quickly found his way back to Los Angeles in 1986 when he relocated to Marina Del Rey, CA.

The “Only in Venice” album is the 32nd album of this multi-decade and multi-genre producer and he will be recording more music into the future beginning in August 2017 with virtuoso cellist and composer Jeness Johnson.

Mullins currently works out of Big Surprise Studios in Encino, CA where has been on staff as a top Grammy associated producer since 2007.

Rob Mullins on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S06.E04 – July 16, 2017

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