The Elegant Strangers

The Elegant Strangers formed spontaneously at the Westminster Corridor of Venice, CA. This is an area where some of the most gifted artists and musicians come to grab a cup of coffee and some conversation. The band is a bit of a mutation of the erstwhile Venice Roasters, keeping up their tradition of “roasting” (putting an upbeat, two-step tempo) to classic pop and rock music. Continue reading The Elegant Strangers

Anus Kings

Anus Kings has been a musical duo since 2006. They love Bad Brains, The Minutemen, Primus and Gillian Welch. The name is supposedly from a Butthole Surfers song. They have performed with bands such as Blackbird Raum, FIDLAR, Cool Moms, Big Sexy, The Shrine, The Chuck Dukowski Sextet, Basement, Hermit Thrushes, [Post-Foetus], and This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb. They are based out of Los Angeles.

In late 2013, Anus Kings wrote and recorded the album “Red, White and Blue” in Miami as Sunny War Band, released in 2015. Nino Moreno joins them live on drums. Their third full length album is “Days of Rain”.

Anus Kings is:
Sydney Ward: Guitar/Vocals
Brian Rodriguez: Bass

Anus Kings on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S06.E13 – October 29, 2017

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The Strands

The Strands, formed in late 2011, have been gaining critical acclaim with their genre defying sound that they like to call Artisanal. With an emphasis on thoughtful and provocative lyrics The Strands groove as lead singer, British Soul Singer Amanda Campbell, delivers their original material with passion and style. Campbell, along with other band members has recorded with one of rock and roll’s greats, Andy Johns.

On lead guitar is Richard Green, playing elegant and restrained rhythms and solos. Richard Green is a seasoned music veteran who has played the L.A. nightclub and recording scene for many years. Green studied music at Cal State University with renowned saxophone and flute player, Buddy Collett, and has toured nationally and recorded with The Whispers. In 2007 Green was inducted into the West Coast Blues Hall of Fame. A force of energy onstage, while performing Green grooves with his hands, body and soul.

On keys and background vocals is pianist, composer, songwriter, teacher and poet, Susan Ferrari. Susan has been playing music all her life. She was taught by her grandmother to read music at an early age, and was forming garage bands in her teens. While getting a graduate degree in music composition at Northwestern University, she studied computer music, and at the New England Conservatory, under noted jazz pianist Ran Blake Ferrari began her mastery of contemporary improvisation. In Chicago, Ferrari wrote music for Lookinglass Theater, performed regularly at new music venues, as well as in the poetry band Brass Orchid, and recorded with Dinky Dawson and Andy Johns. Ferrari’s smart, poetic lyrics, keyboard virtuosity and gorgeous vocal harmonies distinguish her work.

On bass is Strands’ founder, Paul Campbell. Paul studied bass primarily with band member and bass master, Richard Green. In 2011, his vision streamlined the band into the tight-knit and provocative band that makes up The Strands today.

Joining The Strands on drums for their L.A. gigs, is local legend Lance Tamanaha, who has been holding down the groove since he was 12 years old.

The Strands are a treat to hear and to watch.

The Strands on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S06.E10 – October 8, 2017

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