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Big Boss Bubeleh

“Way into the windy halls of human emotions, Big Boss Bubeleh holds a light – as it is words, music, music and words that make this place sensible again. Influenced by our world’s expansive musical culture/history and geographically united in San Diego from much further pebbles, their language shifts frequently and so do the scales. And needing to move their ancient muses back into the foreground, their songs are categorized in gypsy jazzy klezmer pop.

Yael and Vlady began their collaboration in life, love and songwriting years ago and released their first LP, Delicious in ze Middle in 2012. They are the symbiotic hearts of the Big Boss Bubeleh band, and gather other musicians to beat along. Their collective sound of guitar and violin, their groovy bass, their variously crafted melodies make each of their performances uniquely entertaining and stimulating.

Their second LP called A Droite, released in 2017 is an evolution of their forces together. The 14 song bushel connects new musician friends into the Big Boss Bubeleh band, and even keeps a couple of our departed friends remembered. The work was greatly appreciated by the local music reviewers and pushes BBB gently into their latest endeavor, the making of a live recording album. Stay tuned!”

– Penned by a close friend of the band

Big Boss Bubeleh on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S08.E15 – July 1, 2018

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