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Sunny War

It’s no secret that great art comes from the margins. From those who are either pushed to create from inner forces, or who create to show they deserve to be recognized. Los Angeles based street singer, guitarist, and roots music revolutionary Sunny War has always been an outsider, always felt the drive to define her place in the world through music and songwriting.

As a young black girl growing up in Nashville, she searched for her own roots, looking first to the blues she heard from her mother’s boyfriend, and learning from a local guitarist. Moving to Los Angeles in her teens, she searched for herself in the LA punk scene, playing house shows with FIDLAR, and shoplifting DVDs from big box stores to trade at Amoeba Records for 80s punk albums. But here too she found herself on the outside, working to bridge her foundation in country blues and American roots guitar traditions with the punk scene she called home. She first made her name with this work, bringing a wickedly virtuosic touch on the fingerstyle guitar that sprang from her own self-discoveries on the instrument. But her restless spirit, a byproduct of growing up semi-nomadic with a single mother, led her to Venice Beach, California, where she’s been grinding the pavement for some years now, making a name for her prodigious guitar work and incisive songwriting, which touches on everything from police violence to alcoholism to love found and lost.

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Sunny War on Radio Venice

Radio Venice presents Field Trippin’ Fest – October 24, 2021
Radio Venice Season 17 Premiere – May 16, 2021
Radio Venice S16.E11 – March 28, 2021
Radio Venice at Burning Man Day 5 – September 3, 2020
Radio Venice S13.E11 – March 29, 2020
Radio Venice 150th Episode – July 28, 2019
Radio Venice S11.E05 – June 2, 2019
Radio Venice S09.E11 – November 18, 2018
Radio Venice 100th Episode – May 6, 2018
Radio Venice S06.E13 – October 29, 2017 with Anus Kings
Radio Venice live at Timewarp – May 28, 2017
Radio Venice S05.E04 – April 2, 2017
Radio Venice S04.E08 – October 30, 2016
Radio Venice #23 – March 13, 2016
Radio Venice #6 – October 25, 2015

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Michael Jost

Born in Dreieich, just outside of Frankfurt Germany, guitarist Michael Jost (pronounced ‘yoast’), found his way to the bohemian Venice Beach boardwalk, in Los Angeles California, where he now lives and makes music.

Owing to Michael’s unique European heritage, his rigorous classical training, and his 21st Century American experience, you can hear something very different in his passionate, Spanish-style guitar. Michael’s travel companion is Miss Lucy, a Flamenca guitar built by Tomas Delgado of Candelas Guitars. She has a strong character, with a warm and beautiful sound.

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The Blood Moon Howlers

The Blood Moon Howlers are a psychedelic, neo-noir blues/rock band with some funk in the trunk out of Los Angeles, CA., formed in 2017. Their music features both male and female vocals, groovy guitar lines and unique drum beats and percussion that’ll put a wobble in your walk.

Their most recent critically acclaimed singles “At The Barrel 33 (Mess Around)”, “Moonlighters” and “Tilted Patrons” released in 2020 are spreading like wildfire all over online platforms and publications, magazines, blogs and have been played on radio stations all over the world. They have also been featured as the Artist Spotlight on SoCal’s 88.5 FM for multiple weeks in a row, which lead them to being the featured band on the AUX RTN Podcast affiliated with 88.5 FM.

Most recently, The Blood Moon Howlers played the first ever virtual reality Burning Man Festival being the largest virtual reality event in history, played on Jam In The Van in Los Angeles, Sunset Sound Studio’s “Into The Vault” series and were a featured band on Medicine Box’s “Tree Talks”.

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The Blood Moon Howlers on Radio Venice

Radio Venice presents Field Trippin’ Fest – October 24, 2021
Radio Venice S17.E12 – August 1, 2021
Radio Venice S13.E12 – April 5, 2020
Radio Venice S13.E02 – January 19, 2020
Radio Venice Season 11 Premiere – May 5, 2019
Radio Venice S10.E08 – March 3, 2019
Radio Venice 3 Year Anniversary Show – September 23, 2018
Radio Venice S08.E11 – June 3, 2018

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Billy Stobo

Born from the tradition of bringing good stories to music, Brother Billy’s first release “Don’t Fall Asleep on the Tracks” has conjured up spirits of the past with tales of jilted love, pointed historical commentary, and folks having raucous good time.

With the evocative puberty anthem “Red Ribbon” to the cynical retort of “Your Grand Design” he gets right to the sweet, the sad, and the naughty.

His Hopeless Choir is a revolving door of many talented musicians that give a little to help a lot in lifting up the spirit of his oh-so-spirited music.

From the snow-capped mountains of Oklahoma to the pale-painted deserts of Louisiana – from the coal-firing cost of California to the sweeping serenity of New York City – everyone could use the kind of smile that comes from spending a little time with Brother Billy.

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Billy Stobo on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S16.E08 – March 7, 2021
Radio Venice S15.E09 – November 22, 2020
Radio Venice S14.E08 – June 28, 2020
Radio Venice S13.E11 – March 29, 2020
Radio Venice S10.E03 – January 27, 2019
Radio Venice S09.E11 – November 18, 2018
Radio Venice S08.E09 – May 20, 2018
Radio Venice S06.E07 – September 10, 2017
Radio Venice S06.E02 – July 2, 2017
Radio Venice S05.E05 – April 9, 2017
Radio Venice 1 Year Anniversary Show – September 25, 2016
Radio Venice #17 – January 31, 2016
Radio Venice #14 with Spiel – January 10, 2016
Radio Venice #1 – September 20, 2015

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Adrienne Braswell

Adrienne Braswell is an Award winning Taos Singer/Songwriter at the New Mexico Music Awards. Her knock-out voice and multi-genre muse of Indiefolk-Blues-Jazz-MysticalPop have taken her to many stages, from the vibrant Austin club scene to The Copa Cabana in New York City; sharing venues with B.B. King, Jimmy la Fave and Lyle Lovett to name a few!

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Adrienne Braswell on Radio Venice

Radio Venice presents Field Trippin’ Fest – October 24, 2021

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The Aliens That Ate Hollywood

The Aliens were formed at the request of David Catching (guitar player for Queens of the Stone Age/Eagles of Death Metal) to open up for his band Earthlings? at The Opium Den in Hollywood in November of 1998.

Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age, Eagles of Death Metal, Them Crooked Vultures) was in the audience of that first gig and requested The Aliens adjourn with him out to The Rancho De La Luna recording studio in Joshua Tree, California to take part in a series of recordings he had been doing called The Desert Sessions. The Aliens were featured in Desert Sessions Volume 6.

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The Aliens on Radio Venice

Radio Venice presents Field Trippin’ Fest – October 24, 2021
Radio Venice Season 18 Premiere – September 19, 2021
Radio Venice Season 16 Finale – April 11, 2021
Radio Venice at Burning Man Day 8 – September 6, 2020
Radio Venice S11.E03 – May 19, 2019
Radio Venice Season 9 Premiere – September 9, 2018
Radio Venice S08.E02 – April 1, 2018
Radio Venice #26 – April 3, 2016

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“The Ambassador of Soul” Ellis Hall

Ellis Hall, “The Ambassador of Soul” known for singing, songwriting and as a musician playing every instrument with a strong 5 octave vocal range and was the lead vocalist and keyboardist for the soul-funk band Tower of Power.

He performs with most elite symphony orchestras worldwide including: His first being the Hollywood Bowl under the direction of his mentor Ray Charles. Since then he has performed with prestigious 81-piece orchestras including the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra with Marvin Hamlisch conducting to playing with the Boston Pops Orchestra, Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Detroit Symphony Orchestra, National Symphony Orchestra at the Kennedy Center, Seattle Symphony Orchestra, Rochester Symphony Orchestra, Hartford Symphony Orchestra and more.

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Ellis Hall on Radio Venice

Radio Venice – Ellis Hall from the Archives – October 17, 2021
Radio Venice 5 Year Anniversary Show – September 20, 2020
Radio Venice S13.E13 – April 12, 2020
Radio Venice S10.E02 – January 20, 2019

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Photo credit: Marie Gregorio-Oviedo, Photographer

Stanley Behrens

Stanley “The Baron” Behrens was born and raised in the Bronx, N.Y. started playing harmonica at the age of five. Stanley went to high school on Long Island. He played music with a blue eyed soul band back in the mid 60’s. Stanley was drafted into the US Army in May of 1967 and spent 2 years on active duty playing his harmonica during Vietnam era. Stationed at Fort Bragg NC Stanley played in a blues rock band 6 nights a week. Continue reading Stanley Behrens

Andy Kravitz

Andy Kravitz is an American drummer and percussionist, audio engineer, record producer, and songwriter. He has been nominated for 14 Grammy Awards, winning several. Born in Philadelphia, Kravitz now lives in Venice, CA.

In 1992, Kravitz played with Kris Kross on Totally Krossed Out, and with former Fleetwood Mac guitarist and singer Rick Vito’s on his debut solo album, King of Hearts, on the songs “Desireé” and “Honey Love”. In 1993, he produced Urge Overkill’s fourth album, Saturation. In 1995, Kravitz played with Joan Osborne on her second album, Relish, and co-produced Dishwalla’s debut album, Pet Your Friends. In 1996, he played with Cypress Hill on their EP, Unreleased and Revamped. In 1998, Kravitz played with Imogen Heap on her debut album, iMegaphone. In 1999, he co-produced Simon Townshend’s album, Animal Soup.

In 2000, Kravitz co-produced Juliana Hatfield’s fourth album, Beautiful Creature. In 2010, he played with a local free jazz group formed by Warren Cuccurullo called Theoretical 5 in Mar Vista, Los Angeles with Frank Zappa alumni Arthur Barrow (bass), Tommy Mars (keyboards, vocals), and Larry Klimas (saxophone). In 2011, Kravitz collaborated with Michael Tearson and Tom Hampton on Tearson’s debut album, Stuff That Works.

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Andy Kravitz on Radio Venice

Radio Venice – Ellis Hall from the Archives – October 17, 2021
Radio Venice S10.E02 with Ellis Hall – January 20, 2019
Radio Venice #21 – February 28, 2016

The Slags

THE SLAGS have left their loudest days behind. After all, they have been unplugged for a few years. But they think that’s a good thing. And what does that mean? The three Frankfurt musicians radiate musical energy one way or another – with or without an amplifier. You can hear that in the songs of their new album BABYTREE. It is now their seventh studio work, a journey through the entire spectrum of the SLAGS universe. Poppy, punky, but also epic-loopy, bluesy, in a La-La-Land-style or deep inside – it shows all planets of the band’s own solar system. An acoustic journey of discovery, exciting to puzzle over who is actually doing what.

Actually, the ladies wanted to celebrate their 30th anniversary in 2020 – with film documentary, the new album, live concerts, festivals. Then, the virus intervened. So everything was quickly postponed to 2022 – new year, new game!

THE SLAGS have used the past twelve months to work on their rock’n’roll doc. Above all, this meant understanding memories, coping with them or rediscovering them in the first place. They viewed old videos, worked up basements full of material, got quotes from various companions, and developed storyboards. Lots to do under the radar. Lockdown time was used to compose, write and even play live in their own garden from time to time. In the end, eleven new songs were ready to be recorded and produced at the end of 2020 – again in collaboration with Oliver Rüger at the Bieber recording studio.

After three decades, THE SLAGS still consist of independent, expressive and strong characters, that work wonderfully even solo – each for herself. But they are always the strongest, when they join forces. For BABYTREE, the name of the game is diversity, versatility, and distinctness. Each of the three artists writes, composes and sings.

After thirty years, THE SLAGS have established themselves on the musical landscape – both as a band, and as individuals. With that confirmed, BABYTREE is their most mature and bold album to-date.

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The Slags on Radio Venice

Radio Venice live from Abbey Road Institute, Frankfurt – October 10, 2021

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