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Rob Mastrianni

Rob Mastrianni is a Brooklyn-born guitarist, composer, recording artist and performer. His innovative compositions and guitar style are inspired by psychedelic rock, punk rock, Spanish classical and percussive finger-style techniques. He also utilizes a unique 19-string electric harp guitar, the Coral electric sitar, to create a range of exotic melodies and rhythms.

He is a founder of the musical duo Beatbox Guitar and collaborates and tours with dancers across Europe, North America. He performs regularly in NYC as a solo act and in collaboration with other artists such as Nepali vocalist Varsha Thapa, Kat Cunning, recording artist/vocalist Mina Caputo, Thunderbird American Indian Dancers and the Baroque Burlesque Dance Theater Troupe Company XIV. Rob can be heard on albums by Beatbox Guitar, Mina Caputo, soundtracks for network TV shows, Bellydance instructional videos and the Showtime series,” The L Word”.

When not performing Mastrianni works as a Park Ranger/Environmental Educator and specializes in rescuing birds of prey.

Rob Mastrianni on Radio Venice

Radio Venice at Burning Man Day 9 – September 7, 2020
Radio Venice S14.E05 – June 7, 2020

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