Native Slang

This is the tale of the Hawk and the Iguana. The Majestic Hawk of the Jicarilla Apache Tradition, who looks over the Apache people as a guide, protector, scout, and herald of good fortune. Traveling to and fro in a ceaseless hunt, but always returning home to his family, catch in tow for them to feast on. Then there is the Cold Blooded, resourceful, and ever-adapting Iguana, who found his way to the United States mainland from the Caribbean Islands and has made South Florida his home. Traditions take of them as rivals, but on a chance meeting in the Swamps of Miami Hip Hop, the two seemed to find common ground as they shared a smoke, and after years of parlaying, finally decided to break with traditions and show the world that at least in their case, the Sky Glider and the Ground Crawler could not only commune in peace, but could actually work together to build something that impacts families, communities, and our very own people.

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Native Slang on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S18.E09 – November 21, 2021

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Utah Funk

Utah Funk is a multi instrumentalist from Philadelphia Pennsylvania who uses his vast array of styles and sounds to captivate people who like all genres of music. The sound is reminiscent of psychedelic sounds from the 60’s and 70’s mixed with new age indie alternative tastes such as Mac Demarco and yellow days.

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Utah Funk on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S18.E09 – November 21, 2021
Radio Venice S16.E09 – March 14, 2021
Radio Venice S14.E09 – July 5, 2020

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Q+A with Utah Funk - Radio Venice

Truck Box

Truck Box is a garage rock band started 4 years ago in Venice by Harlan Goldman-Belsma and a rotating cast of friends. Their first gig was a 20 minute scheduling gap at a UCLA radio party where Harlan and original drummer Joey Kaufman raced to find the nearest bass player to bang out a Lowell Fulson cover and the band’s now standard “Yardsale Pupusas”.

Now with the help of Lauren Hickey’s opera schooled harmonies, Nick Krauel’s jazz keyboard wizardry and childhood buddy Liam Hayden on bass, their influences range from Chicago blues and western swing to the freak beat of the old sunset strip. Notorious for being the band to get the backyard party dancing, they’ve started to to realize it’s a good habit to practice more than once before gigs.

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Truck Box on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S18.E08 – November 14, 2021

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Lizz Vega

Lizz Vega is a self-taught singer/songwriter from Los Angeles. A late bloomer when it comes to being a musician for she has only been creating music for five years. But her blues/RnB/soul fusion style of music will take you on a dive into what it means to connect to yourself and to others with the power of music.

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Lizz Vega on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S18.E08 – November 14, 2021
Radio Venice S17.E07 – June 27, 2021
Radio Venice 5 Year Anniversary Show – September 20, 2020
Radio Venice S14.E02 – May 17, 2020
Radio Venice S10.E10 – March 17, 2019
Radio Venice S09.E07 – October 21, 2018
Radio Venice S07.E02 – November 19, 2017

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Love Me in the Dark

Love Me In The Dark creates music inspired by Americana, Folk, Soul and Roots traditions. Dovetailing vocal blends of harmony and melody, beautifully crafted vulnerable lyricism, ethereal slide guitar and meticulously designed songwriting create an emotionally rich experience for the mind, body, and spirit.

LMITD feels, now more than ever, we need vulnerability, love, hope, compassion and gratitude in our daily lives. The two have created a sound completely authentic to who they are as individuals and to who they have become together. Steve is one of the last true audiophiles who not only produces records, but builds everything by hand in his studio, from the tube microphones he uses, to the tube preamps and tube compressors used on each of their recordings. The listener can hear the level of precise detail, artisan-ship and deep care infused into these productions.

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Love Me in the Dark on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S18.E07 – November 7, 2021

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