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Hannah Rose Dexter

Hannah Rose Dexter plays the bass, almost exclusively. She has traveled the United States and Europe performing jazz, blues, and folkloric music. Her unique style of electric and upright bass playing frees the instrument from its traditional role of glorified kick drum, and into the dynamic voice it’s always been capable of.

She has composed music for a variety of mediums, including the feature film “Wild Prairie Rose” and the indie biopic, “King of LA”. She poured the last 18 years of studying all things low end into her debut solo album released just before the lockdown. “The View From Normal” is a seamless hybrid of multiple genres, displaying her unique perspective on music, life, and the untapped potential of the bass guitar.

She can routinely be heard playing jazz, swing, jump blues, and Greek rebetika, and psychedelic children’s songs in the finer jazz clubs, amusement parks, circuses, and dive bars of greater Los Angeles, supporting other musicians, or leading her own.

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Radio Venice S19.E02 – February 13, 2022

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