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Lullahis with Gracie

Lullahis with Gracie is a moniker for recent reflections by singer/songwriter, musician, and performer, Grace Joo. Consisting of enchanting vocal harmonies, guitar strums and pickin’, effects pedals, and a lifetime of love and loss in lyrics lent from one soul to the next, each performance serves to evoke an emotive and unifying human experience. With an extensive background in classical ballet and modern dance, Grace has continually reserved her passions exploring the performing arts. Whether it’s from choreographing to jazz and the music of Björk, working on repertoire with a modern dance company heavily soaked with Arvo Pärt and Meredith Monk compositions, letting loose to drum n’ bass and funk records, or heartaches with Patsy Cline, Grace’s unique style and uncanny sound is inspired by a broad creative spectrum that encompasses the essence of both past and future, nostalgia and novelty.

Grace is also a founding band member of the progressive freak folk ensemble Suntundra Moon and has completed two regional US tours playing up the west coast and through the south thus far. She has performed and collaborated with a number of LA and SF-based artists including a few Radio Venice Alumni.

“What in the milky universe is a lullahi?”

Lullahis with Gracie on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S04.E05 – October 9, 2016

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Lullahis with Gracie - Radio Venice

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