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Zaynab Wilson

“What a gorgeous voice and stunning performer, Zaynab’s sense of humour and wit engages the listener in such an honest way. Her gentleness and humility in her songs quietens your spirit. When I heard her songs and voice it reminded me of a young Aretha Franklin. Truly amazing performer and as Zaynab has been supporting others on their musical journey, the time is now for this young performer with a huge career ahead of her.” – Shellie Morris, Indigenous Australian singer-songwriter

Zaynab, a Canadian-Trinidadian multi-instrumentalist, is slow and steady with her creative and personal expansion. She explores the details and depths of her story through her dynamic music style and passionate expression, and transmutes the raw material of her experiences and voice into songs that “quietens your spirit”. With a diverse musical input ranging from Bob Marley to Norah Jones, Esperanza Spalding and Billie Holiday, Zaynab’s output flows with elements of improvisation influenced by Jazz, Soul, R&B and Afro-Caribbean.

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Zaynab Wilson on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S17.E03 – May 30, 2021

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