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Ajna Nirvana

Ajna Nirvana is a nomadic artist. She was born of Polish gypsy parents as a first generation American. Having never lived in one place for too long, she considers herself a world citizen. She is spending her 20s mostly on the Hawaiian islands. Her music is very much so influenced from deep meditations, shamanic ceremonies, and an overall natural perspective on life. Her biggest musical influences include Elliphant, David Bowie, and Shpongle.

She uses her love of electronic music to fuse together a spiritual and enigmatic message to the listeners. For a few years, she was a harpist street performer who wore angel wings playing on the streets of the Hawaiian islands. Then, she was noticed by Mick Fleetwood on the street and played on BBC America, Olelo Studios, and Akaku channel in Hawaii. After training to become a master hypnotist, she opened business and began to take her music career more seriously. This included meditating long periods of time and then recording vocal tracks for yoga and meditation albums. Having developed her own unique style, her message and her passion lies in awakening the consciousness of humanity and taking people who listen to her music to a deeper level within themselves.

“Ajna Nirvana is a multidimensional travel guide. A nomadic artist born of Polish gypsy parents, her music and spiritual works take people on mystical journeys of self-discovery. Ajna fuses the spiritual harmonics of her voice with electronic music to recreate an almost shamanistic experience. Early mystic visions, Ajna began as a busker who played the harp and wore angel wings on the streets of the Hawaiian Islands. Mick Fleetwood of the band Fleetwood Mac caught her act and soon she was playing on BBC America, Olelo Studios, and Hawaii’s Akaku channel. Trained as a hypnotist, she recorded vocal tracks for yoga and meditation albums.”
— Daily Offbeat

Ajna Nirvana on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S3 #1 – May 8, 2016

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