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Anderson William

Anderson William was born in Washington DC and raised in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountain range in Virginia. His first song, a time-tested hit among his family, was written at 8 years old about his love for cashew nuts.

After a seven year stint in NYC where he wrote other songs – not about cashew nuts, he moved to Los Angeles. There, he found his voice and a real passion for storytelling through song whilst drinking whiskey, eventually forming the blues based Americana duo, High Noon Whiskey, with Diego Garcia (Stage 11).

Anderson currently lives in Austin, TX with his lovely wife, Amanda, and their two sweet doggies, Buckley & Arletta.

When not writing/performing music, Anderson spends his time as a woodworker, photographer, actor, writer, and director.

Anderson William on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S10.E05 with Mercury Sound Club – February 10, 2019
Radio Venice #7 with High Noon Whiskey – November 1, 2015

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