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Native Slang

This is the tale of the Hawk and the Iguana. The Majestic Hawk of the Jicarilla Apache Tradition, who looks over the Apache people as a guide, protector, scout, and herald of good fortune. Traveling to and fro in a ceaseless hunt, but always returning home to his family, catch in tow for them to feast on. Then there is the Cold Blooded, resourceful, and ever-adapting Iguana, who found his way to the United States mainland from the Caribbean Islands and has made South Florida his home. Traditions take of them as rivals, but on a chance meeting in the Swamps of Miami Hip Hop, the two seemed to find common ground as they shared a smoke, and after years of parlaying, finally decided to break with traditions and show the world that at least in their case, the Sky Glider and the Ground Crawler could not only commune in peace, but could actually work together to build something that impacts families, communities, and our very own people.

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Native Slang on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S18.E09 – November 21, 2021

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