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Allison Whitfield

I was born in Detroit and grew up in and among the Motown sound. My father was a jazz/scat singer in and around Michigan, Ohio and Indiana and, he use to take me with him to the clubs and other venues starting when I was 11yrs old. After a while I started singing with him discovering that I too could join in.

At age 15, my grandmother gifted me with a classical guitar and I learned on my own to accompany myself with basic chords. Then I started meeting others around my own age and we would play local gigs together. I learned rhythm and jazz chords. That’s how it all started.

I’ve played clubs, festivals, did some studio work and have been a part of a few bands ever since here and there. I’ve had a day jobs, mostly in office admin or customer service, but music has always been there.

Now, new to the area, my first time here in southern California, I’m just beginning to find my way around. And I hope to be able to join the music scene here and thrive.

Allison Whitfield on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S08.E09 – May 20, 2018

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