Gina & Sam Leslie - Radio Venice

Gina & Sam Leslie

Gina and Sam Leslie are siblings originally from Colorado. Gina, based out of Venice, is joined by her brother for Radio Venice as a special out-of-town guest. Raised in a bluegrass family, their music is rooted in folk and bluegrass traditions, and blends with their love of jazz, creating a unique swing sound.

Gina’s raw and sultry voice sounds like it belongs in a 1920’s speakeasy, backed by Sam’s face-melting guitar solos and solid rhythm playing is a unique combination of chemistry and sounds. They play anything from Willie Nelson to George Gershwin, giving their own twist to classic songs.

Gina & Sam Leslie on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S03.E04 – May 29, 2016

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    1. Hey there Dave … we’re a little behind processing the video, but we should have something up later today. Unfortunately we had some internet/sound issues that day, but we have managed to salvage one full song from Gina and Sam!

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