Meet Michael Jost, Rae Stanton and Tonan Ruiz of in Venice

Featured on Voyage LA Magazine | December 11, 2017

Today we’d like to introduce you to Michael Jost, Rae Stanton and Tonan Ruiz.

Michael, Rae and Tonan, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today. was founded 2 years ago.

First show in September 2015. Live weekly webcast out of Breakwater Studios in Venice, Ca. (every Sunday 4:20pm PST).  Founded by musician & producer Michael Jost.

Mission to promote & share the fantastic & unique music & talent that is local to Venice/Los Angeles + feature traveling musicians from all over the world that come through Venice or LA.

Promoting love, peace & understanding through music, since EVERYBODY understands the language of music! All music played on the show is played Live! Highlighting what Venice is really about. (Music & Art). To fight gentrification…to keep this very special studio alive…

Today, more than 80 shows in the 7th Season of Radio Venice…more than a hundred artists featured on Radio Venice…working on our own record label… (Breakwater Records) Branching out worldwide…more shows…Radio Venice on the road… Hosted by Michael Jost, Co Host by Venice original Surfer / Skateboarder Tonan Ruiz and produced by Michael Jost & Rae Stanton.

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Mike Telega

Mike Telega grew up in ‘small town’ Pennsylvania and moved to California in 1994 to follow his dreams of becoming a professional snowboarder. Mike learned to play the guitar as a young teenager and had a rock band in high school, but upon arriving in California he barely touched the guitar for 15 years.

In 2010 his first son was born and Mike started picking up the guitar again as an outlet that kept him close to home. Influenced at that time by a recording his late father-in-law left behind of Bee Gees and Beatles acoustic covers, Mike wanted to play and sing in the same manner. As a self-taught musician who couldn’t sing, Mike was challenged to find his voice. His wife bought him singing lessons one Christmas and his passion to play music grew to new heights.

Around 2014 Mike started writing and performing songs of his own, something he never set out to do. Mike learned that he had stories to tell and he was really drawn to connecting with people through his music. With influences spanning from early folk, to 70s & 80s rock n roll, to current pop. Artists such as Matt Costa, Blind Pilot, Paul Simon, Townes Van Zandt, Peter, Paul and Mary, Ryan Adams and Ray LaMontagne are a few he draws inspiration from. Mike sets out to use simple structures with colorful melodies to conform his tunes into something you can feel.

Mike is currently writing, recording and performing in Los Angeles, California. With songs written mostly about love and life, be sure to keep an eye out for new music from this powerful songwriter.

Mike Telega on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S07.E05 – December 10, 2017

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