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Dan Bay

Dan Bay is producer, DJ and musician from Frankfurt/Main Germany. His organic electronic music is influenced by field recording and live-synthesizing during his traveling around the world. The atmosphere he creates in his music is partially sentimental but danceable. Dan Bay plays live as a one-man band with synthesizers and e-drum or as a DJ. He usually plays his own productions and remixes and can be heard at least once a month live at Radio X Frankfurt.

Latest Releases:
Digital: Laut & Luise 2019/2020, WAYU Records 2020 Heimlich 2020, Leveldva 2020, Lump Records 2020, Baikal Nomads 2020, Kosa 2020

Vinyl: Fine Beatz 2020, Kalakuta Soul Records 2020, Limpio Records 2020, Bunte Kuh 2020, Les disques du bord de l’eau 2020, NDYD 2019, ANALOGmusiq 2018, SUCIO 2017

Dan Bay on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S15.E01 with TaiAn – September 13, 2020

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