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‘Golden Rain’ is the first single from Kris Dane’s third album. This breathtaking, timeless track is very likely to become an instant classic. A softly strumming guitar, a bass taking a walk on the wild side, heavenly strings, and most of all Kris Dane’s unique, grainy and bluesy voice, send you shivers down the spine even before the first chorus begins.

‘Golden Rain is a love song. It’s about the confrontation with irreversible changes, about the thin line between closure and a new start, about divergent desires and moments in which words don’t fulfil their purpose’

And where words don’t fulfil their purpose, music can bring relief. Golden Rain’ is definitely aiming for the heart.

This single does not rely on magic tricks, nevertheless it was enriched by the arrangements of Chris Elliott (Adele, Amy Winehouse, James Morrison) and mixed by grammy award winner Tom Elmhirst (Adele, Beck, Arcade Fire, U2)

‘… nothing is quite the same, out in the golden rain’

With this single and a full record coming up … these words sound nothing but prophetic.

Kris Dane on Radio Venice

Radio Venice Brussels – August 21, 2016

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