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Even as millions of MishCatt’s fans around the world were dancing to “Another Dimension” and “Gun to the Head,” the streaming smashes from her 2016 debut album Highlighter, most were probably unaware of the fascinating neurological gift driving her multitude of sonic textures.

The Costa Rican born, Los Angeles based singer/songwriter – born Michelle Gonzalez – is blessed with synesthesia, a unique condition where when one sense is activated, another kicks in at the same time. When she hears music, she sees colors and shapes. Tying this into her foundational creative belief that “in life we all need different colors,” she launches a dynamic new phase of her ever-evolving career with her seductive, playfully infectious, reggae tinged new single that helps make us feel something we desperately need during this time when the world seems turned upside down: “Goofy.”

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MishCatt on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S16.E06 – February 21, 2021

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