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“Unconditional”: No compromise for VAN DE FORST in 2020
release 11.09.2020

You have to begin by having faith in yourself, even if it feels like a natural prerequisite: VAN DE FORST sings pop in English with a strong country appeal. There is currently no niche for this genre in Germany and VAN DE FORST has taken the step of creating her own variety with her new album “Unconditional”. “Of course, I’m taking a certain risk by making this type of music. However, I feel it’s worth taking the plunge because I love it and at the same time, I view it as a challenge.” Country pop – catchy and with soul, steel guitar and harmonica. That’s not exactly what you’d expect on seeing this young lady adorned with tattoos and a flowing blonde mane, but it was never about adhering to clichés, but about the “feeling” – you have to hear it to be able to feel it.

Van de Forst on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S15.E01 – September 13, 2020

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