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Bonnie Root

Bonnie Root is an accomplished film and tv actor. In addition to her acting career she is a singer and songwriter. She originally hails from the Pacific Northwest and grew up with musical influences ranging from vintage R&B, soul, classic country all the way to riot girl punk and local indie rock bands from her native Portland, Oregon. She sang in church and trained in her school’s choir and music program until her late teens. In her early 20’s acting heated up and music took a back seat.

Cut to a few years ago and Bonnie found herself circling back to her original passion for music. She suddenly started to experience a surge of new melody and lyric ideas that came on like a wave. She decided to head out to an open jam to test out these new ideas and get her feet back in the water.

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Venmo: @Bonnie-Root

Bonnie Root on Radio Venice

Radio Venice Season 18 Finale – December 5, 2021
Radio Venice S13.E09 – March 15, 2020

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