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Radio Venice Season 19 Premiere

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Amberlin is a Long Beach-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who artfully composes spacious soundscapes that she builds musically layer by layer. She has a vision of hope and a desire to use music to bring change to the world.

Amberlin’s love of music started early; she took violin lessons in third grade, before quitting and moving on to keyboard before giving that up. When she was twelve, she worked in the strawberry fields outside Seattle, Washington, where she worked for half a season and used the money she made there to buy her first guitar. Amberlin took lessons for a couple of months before giving them up when she moved to Atlanta, where she attended a high school with an arts program and focused on theatre. Amberlin played guitar on and off, but met up with a classmate who did spoken word poetry; they did some gigs where Amberlin played guitar and her classmate did her poetry. She eventually moved back to California where she picked up drums. She formed a band, singing and playing guitar and picking up bass. Amberlin now plays with an Afro-Latin band, Tropi Corillo, and often sings in other people’s bands.

Amberlin started writing in middle school and was a big fan of pop music, especially Michael Jackson and the Backstreet Boys. “Listening to pop music like the Backstreet Boys really helped me learn about the structure of a song: verse, melody, chorus,” she says. She was writing lyrics in middle school, though sometimes she wrote melodies and sometimes not. Amberlin says she first started writing music in high school. “My theater teacher was very encouraging; he thought my song “Homelessness” was an old Negro spiritual. My bandmate and I were talking about social issues back then. ”

She uses her platform to help people and to give a voice to the voiceless. “I fight because I have hope,” Amberlin says. “I think we are evolving as a society. People are starting to wake up to the inequities of society. What I would like to see are people in power held accountable for their actions. Once we come to terms with our role in it, we can improve it.”

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Amberlin on Radio Venice

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Regis Jr

Regis Jr. is a singer songwriter from Pittsburgh PA. He’s travelled around a lot, playing his songs wherever he’s been. He currently lives in Santa Monica with his Brazilian wife. He’s currently studying Portuguese and knows how to say “the duck eats bread” in his wife’s native language. He loves Radio Venice, and is psyched to be part of the show.

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Regis Jr on Radio Venice

Radio Venice Season 19 Premiere – January 23, 2022
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El Duelo

EL DUELO is guitarists Rick Boston and Michael Jost. The music of El Duelo is a result of both guitarists’ influences and experiences during their life long guitar playing adventures.

Spanish guitars mixed with Lap Steel & so much more. An unorthodox blend of musical styles keep it interesting and fun. Their original compositions will take you on a journey with some unexpected turns. El Duelo released their self-titled debut record in December 2021. Stay tuned for upcoming live shows.

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Bonnie Root

Bonnie Root is an accomplished film and tv actor. In addition to her acting career she is a singer and songwriter. She originally hails from the Pacific Northwest and grew up with musical influences ranging from vintage R&B, soul, classic country all the way to riot girl punk and local indie rock bands from her native Portland, Oregon. She sang in church and trained in her school’s choir and music program until her late teens. In her early 20’s acting heated up and music took a back seat.

Cut to a few years ago and Bonnie found herself circling back to her original passion for music. She suddenly started to experience a surge of new melody and lyric ideas that came on like a wave. She decided to head out to an open jam to test out these new ideas and get her feet back in the water.

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Bonnie Root on Radio Venice

Radio Venice Season 18 Finale – December 5, 2021
Radio Venice S13.E09 – March 15, 2020

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PrincessFrank is a singer, multi instrumentalist, “One Man Rock Show”, actor, entertainer and collaborating performer from Los Angeles. He has been a driving force in the LA music scene for 20 years with a firm background in theory and etho-musicology. First studying as a drummer at the award winning Eagle Rock High School Jazz Band, then studying as a music major at Pasadena City Collage under world renowned coronet player Bobbie Bradford (of Ornette Colman and John Carter fame) Here he developed a strong vocal range, sense of timing and experimental confidence. He is known for his entertaining and dynamic performance style and engaging stage presence.

PrincessFrank is originally best known for his work as a band leader and drummer of the massive mobile jazz orchestra KILLSONIC(2000-2013). He lead them through the streets, trains and busses of Los Angeles all the way to the halls of LACMA and campus of UCLA’s Fowler Museum and Royce Hall to the stage of Walt Disney’s REDCAT for the celebrated 2010 experimental opera TONGUES BLOODY TONGES: 11 JULY 1926

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PrincessFrank on Radio Venice

Radio Venice Season 18 Finale – December 5, 2021
Radio Venice S15.E08 – November 15, 2020

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