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Erinn Williams

With a background in opera, Erinn Williams is known for her beautiful melodies and songs that have a delicate, breakable edge to them. Erinn has written and performed music for national commercials such as Virgin Mobile and Coca-Cola. She has written both opera and rock music for independent films such as Mad Song. She has sung opera and her original music around the word in industrial showcases for the Wella Corporation, Sebastian, Matrix, and TIGI Corporations. And she toured extensively with her own music around Europe for 4 years.

Erinn plays electric guitar with delay, and is usually accompanied by a violinist or another guitarist. The only word to describe the live performance is mesmerizing … Williams’ outstanding vocals, strong stage presence, and trademark deadpan humor add charm to a fantastic performance. more Erinn Williams »


Fabian Ruiz, born in Costa Rica, is mostly known for his design of guitars made out of skateboards. He’s been playing shows and selling guitars for skateboarding and surf related events.

Sponsored by the brand Volcom. He is now making his guitars in Venice Beach, California and the uniqueness of his instruments is keeping him busy with all the inquires.

Skateadelics on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S11.E12 – July 21, 2019
Radio Venice S08.E14 – June 24, 2018

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