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4:20pm – 6:00pm CEST (Berlin)
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Radio Venice Brussels Musical Guests

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The Walking Ghost Phase

W.G.P. are twins from Brussels.

They’re both musicians from bands but have recently decided to work together to form a new configuration of making sounds with old machines from 80s and 90s added with samplings of movies (Punishment Park, Star Trek, The Great Dictator …) and of poems and quotations from writers (Charles Bukowski, William S. Burroughs …).

The Walking Ghost Phase are Mehdi Lambrechts (drums), Thibaut Lambrechts (guitar, vocals, synth), Jean-Philippe Hanot Mambres (bass) and Julien Trousson (guitar, vocals). Continue reading The Walking Ghost Phase

Moaning Cities

Moaning Cities is a psychedelic rock’n’roll band formed in Brussels in late 2011 with an urge to play music together, blending blues roots, gritty rock’n’roll guitars and sitar-driven psychedelia.

The association of electric guitars and oriental instruments like the sitar, saz or oudou was the natural way to combine western and Eastern sounds, old and contemporary influences into one flow of inspiration that would reflect the contrasted and diverse personalities of the cities we live in and travel to.

Moaning Cities’ music finds ground in the 60s and 70s: The Doors, Velvet Underground, 13th Floor Elevator, Silver Apples … and also in today’s psych/kraut/stoner scene: BRMC, The Black Angels, Dead Meadow, Goat, Wooden Shjips, Night Beats … and besides traditional music from North Africa, Middle-East and India bring other colors to some sitar-driven compositions.

The current line up is Valerian Meunier – guitar/vocals, Juliette Meunier – bass/vocals, Tim Sinagra – guitar/sitar and Melissa Morales – drums.

Moaning Cities on Radio Venice

Radio Venice Brussels – August 21, 2016

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Black Mirrors

Funky Queen, the 2017 debut EP by rock newcomers Black Mirrors melted speakers everywhere: and yet the Belgian fourpiece was simply warming up for bigger things to come. Look Into The Black Mirror is a prime example of all the wonderful stuff that can happen when you sell your soul to snotty garage rock, blues and stoner rock! The beautifully unchained Marcella Di Troia sings, screams, croons and whispers on otherworldy ballads like ‘Moonstone‘ and over the danceable grooves of ‘Lay My Burden Down‘ – and the band keeps the hypnotic beats and thunderous riff walls coming. The Belgian crew succeeds at crisp Josh Homme-style stompers like ‘Günther Kimmich’ as easily as they pull off a monolithic jam like album closer ‘Burning Warriors’. These guys and gal will be HUGE!

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Black Mirrors on Radio Venice

Radio Venice Brussels – August 21, 2016

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