Drumdala is an audio-visual performance group specializing in a fusion of tribal, modern dance, and cinematic styles. It is based around a unique instrument designed by Richard Sherwood called The Drumdala – mandala of drums. This instrument is a blend of acoustic and tonal electronic drums which can loop and layer a vast array of sounds.

The design inspiration for the instrument comes from the Taiko drumming tradition, early electronic drummers, DJ culture, and visionary instrument inventor William Close. Richard has performed around the world with Mr. Close’s Earthharp Collective for the past 15 years. The drumdala is an evolution of Mr. Close’s drumcloud with the latest electronic looping technology. ​

Richard’s playing style comes from many places including African, Indian, Japanese, and Middle Eastern drumming traditions, modern dance music, and good old rock ‘n’ roll.

Drumdala on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S14.E10 – July 12, 2020

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Milo Gonzalez

Milo Gonzalez is a guitarist born of a multi-generational family of artists and musicians native to Venice Beach. With his mother being a rock vocalist, and his step father being a founding member of the renowned hardcore punk band Black Flag, Milo grew up around heavy rock music.

Inspired to play both electric and acoustic guitar, Milo discovered a deep love for ‪flamenco‬ and classical guitar music, finding it’s dark, emotive, and aggressive qualities alluring and similar to that of his rock roots. Milo has developed a unique and hard to define style of music that derives as much influence from legendary guitar virtuosos such as ‪Paco De Lucia‬, and ‪Vicente Amigo‬, as it does from rock/metal/psychedelic legends like ‪Black Sabbath‬ and ‪Radiohead‬.

Milo Gonzalez on Radio Venice

Radio Venice at Burning Man Day 3 – September 1, 2020
Radio Venice S11.E08 – June 23, 2019
Radio Venice Season 9 Finale – December 2, 2018
Radio Venice S07.E02 – November 19, 2017
Radio Venice S06.E11 – October 15, 2017
Radio Venice S06.E09 – October 1, 2017
Radio Venice S06.E03 – July 9, 2017
Radio Venice S05.E02 – February 19, 2017
Radio Venice S03.E03 – May 22, 2016
Radio Venice #26 – April 3, 2016
Radio Venice #14 – January 10, 2016
Radio Venice #5 – October 18, 2015
Radio Venice #3 – October 4, 2015

Click to enlarge / Photo Credit: Karen Criswell

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Noir O’Clock

From the dim dark shadowy recesses of your mind lurks the last sonorous remnants of a beautiful dream gone bad. Enticing electronic Mata Hari’s dance to an otherworldly tango from the future to lure unsuspecting saps, like you, into an eternal quagmire.

Where sonic crime and passion collide.

Welcome, it’s that time … it’s Noir O’Clock.

Noir O’Clock on Radio Venice

Radio Venice at Burning Man Day 1 – August 30, 2020

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Kena is a powerful female producer and musician duo based in Los Angeles.

Multi instrumentalists Adrienne “AeB” Byrne and Luna Achiary unite forces to create dynamic sets, rooted in deep house, electro pop and world music.

By combining synthesizers, flutes, handpans, guitars, drum machines, mbira, winds and vocal psychedelic loops, Kena is on a quest to enchant the world, filling the gap between human and the machine.

Their sensual, soulful blend can remind of Rufus du Sol, Bjork, Bonobo and Radiohead.

KENA on Radio Venice

Radio Venice at Burning Man Day 1 – August 30, 2020
Radio Venice S13.E15 – April 26, 2020
Radio Venice S12.E07 – November 3, 2019
Radio Venice S09.E11 – November 18, 2018

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Sally Slade

Sally Slade is an Engineer / Artist living in Los Angeles, CA. After eight years of writing tools for 2D and 3D artists in the Visual Effects industry, she made the leap into the AR / VR industry.

Since 2016, Sally has released four titles for HoloLens, and contributed as a Technical Designer on back-to-back projects for Magnopus in Downtown Los Angeles. Highlights include a Lead role on the Auggie Award winning Mixed Reality experience, “The Navigator” in partnership with Meow Wolf, as well as contributing her talents on a team of six engineers to build the Virtual Production system used by Disney’s The Lion King.

When not at her keyboard, Slade enjoys painting, illustrating and sketching the world around her. Catch her at Venice Open Mic night where she self-stylizes as a “Pen and Ink Paparazzi”.

Sally Slade on Radio Venice

Radio Venice at Burning Man Day 1 – August 30, 2020

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The Bird Lords

The Bird Lords are Lisa Lemke and Mik Garrison.

The Bird Lords’ eclectic flight path, from ethereal to gritty, lands you on the dance floor, in the mosh pit, in the city streets, and in the back seat of their rig as they hit the road. Making life happen yet … They share a unique and upbeat message along the way.

Mik, a multi-instrumentalist and live-looper provides the perfect backdrop and inspiration for Lisa’s songwriting style and vocal sensibilities.

Mik enjoys a popular solo career in Tucson and has played bass for 30 years, he has opened for No Doubt, March Fourth, and Steve Roach. Mik plays bass with the Eugene Boronow Trio in Tucson.

Lisa has been a songwriter for over 20 years, performing in duos,
and as an acoustic solo artist for the last 10 years. Vocalist in local art band B4skin from 2014-18, they opened for Metalachi and Corey Feldman/Corey’s Angels.

The Bird Lords have performed at the Side Pony Express Music Festival in Bisbee AZ.

Culling from such diverse influences as Funk, RnB, Soul, and Hip Hop, to Jazz, Punk, Blues, Rock and Roll, and Americana the Bird Lords hatched their first EP in November of 2019- “Nest Egg” is available now on their bandcamp page.

Multi-media adventurers, The Bird Lords are busy writing and recording new songs, and producing videos in their studio, The Bird Nest, in Tucson, Arizona.

The Bird Lords on Radio Venice

Radio Venice at Burning Man Day 2 – August 31, 2020
Radio Venice S13.E16 – May 3, 2020
Radio Venice S12.E11 – December 1, 2019

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Barry Conley’s SuperSonic Jalopies

SuperSonic Jalopies is the vehicle(s) for Barry Conley’s new Electronic Mind Expansion Project. Armed with a Buchla Model 200 Electronic Music Box and The OutofControl-atron, Barry will take you on a journey to invigorate old and develop new synapses.

Barry Conley’s SuperSonic Jalopies will shuttle you away on a road trip through your mind.
But first we must go into outer space to get into inner space!

Barry Conley’s SuperSonic Jalopies on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S14.E11 – July 19, 2020
Radio Venice S12.E06 – October 27, 2019

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Rob Mastrianni

Rob Mastrianni is a Brooklyn-born guitarist, composer, recording artist and performer. His innovative compositions and guitar style are inspired by psychedelic rock, punk rock, Spanish classical and percussive finger-style techniques. He also utilizes a unique 19-string electric harp guitar, the Coral electric sitar, to create a range of exotic melodies and rhythms.

He is a founder of the musical duo Beatbox Guitar and collaborates and tours with dancers across Europe, North America. He performs regularly in NYC as a solo act and in collaboration with other artists such as Nepali vocalist Varsha Thapa, Kat Cunning, recording artist/vocalist Mina Caputo, Thunderbird American Indian Dancers and the Baroque Burlesque Dance Theater Troupe Company XIV. Rob can be heard on albums by Beatbox Guitar, Mina Caputo, soundtracks for network TV shows, Bellydance instructional videos and the Showtime series,” The L Word”.

When not performing Mastrianni works as a Park Ranger/Environmental Educator and specializes in rescuing birds of prey.

Rob Mastrianni on Radio Venice

Radio Venice at Burning Man Day 9 – September 7, 2020
Radio Venice S14.E05 – June 7, 2020

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Music Box Micro Stage

“I am a Micro Stage with a lot of Macro Magic. I travel far and wide, with the help of That Guy (my assistant), to bring performers of all kinds, and kind performer watchers together in whatever space we can all fit together in (just about anywhere).”

The Music Box is a truly mobile, self contained ‘micro stage’ (all battery powered), complete with lighting fx, 8 channel p.a. with on-board recording, and optional sitting (the famous Cherry Bench). Also, a mini box extension for rhythm accompaniment can be made available upon polite request.

Typically a solo, singer/songwriter venue, there’s nothing typical about the Music Box. It’s 4 foot wide/2 feet deep foot print (not counting 2 feet more of the apron), has handled duets to 4 piece bands; stringed instrumentalists to percussionists; keyboards to Autoharp; accordion to comics (even a comic playing accordion); a cappella singers to overly equipped Loopers (good thing there’s an apron). And the sound coming out of it is great. However, there is a height limit of about 6’2″, so tallers (or folks with big hats) will be on the Bench.

Whether out in the wilderness or on city sidewalks; on the beach or poolside; the B Stage at festivals and gatherings or the perfect backdrop for an on-line performance, the Music Box Micro Stage offers a Macro Show experience.

It is currently moving around in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

Music Box Micro Stage on Radio Venice

Radio Venice at Burning Man Day 9 – September 7, 2020

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