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Drumdala is an audio-visual performance group specializing in a fusion of tribal, modern dance, and cinematic styles. It is based around a unique instrument designed by Richard Sherwood called The Drumdala – mandala of drums. This instrument is a blend of acoustic and tonal electronic drums which can loop and layer a vast array of sounds.

The design inspiration for the instrument comes from the Taiko drumming tradition, early electronic drummers, DJ culture, and visionary instrument inventor William Close. Richard has performed around the world with Mr. Close’s Earthharp Collective for the past 15 years. The drumdala is an evolution of Mr. Close’s drumcloud with the latest electronic looping technology. ​

Richard’s playing style comes from many places including African, Indian, Japanese, and Middle Eastern drumming traditions, modern dance music, and good old rock ‘n’ roll.

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Drumdala on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S19.E06 – March 13, 2022
Radio Venice at Burning Man Day 3 – September 1, 2020
Radio Venice S14.E10 – July 12, 2020

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Kena is a powerful female producer and musician duo based in Los Angeles.

Multi instrumentalists Adrienne “AeB” Byrne and Luna Achiary unite forces to create dynamic sets, rooted in deep house, electro pop and world music.

By combining synthesizers, flutes, handpans, guitars, drum machines, mbira, winds and vocal psychedelic loops, Kena is on a quest to enchant the world, filling the gap between human and the machine.

Their sensual, soulful blend can remind of Rufus du Sol, Bjork, Bonobo and Radiohead.

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KENA on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S16.E10 – March 21, 2021
Radio Venice at Burning Man Day 1 – August 30, 2020
Radio Venice S13.E15 – April 26, 2020
Radio Venice S12.E07 – November 3, 2019
Radio Venice S09.E11 – November 18, 2018

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The Trouble Notes and Friends

To understand the story of The Trouble Notes, one must understand the story of our world. In an effort to reduce cultural barriers, The Trouble Notes have made it their mission to create their own cultural universe, mixing influences from all over the world into their songs.

The emotional, pan-cultural music of the group, forms personal memories into a colorful melting pot of different traditions, touching on deep and complex stories of the human condition and social experiences. Having grown up in different countries with different traditions, they each bring a unique perspective to life and music that helps self-serve as a reminder that their brand of fusion can show a unity in diversity.

The Berlin based quartet is composed of violinist Bennet Cerven, guitarist Florian Eisenschmidt, percussionist Oliver Maguire and bassist Stefan Bielik. Hailing from different countries, each member of the group brings a different musical training and perspective to the band. Bennet, a classical trained violinist born in Chicago, began his violin playing at 4 years old. While he was performing in orchestras and winning prizes in soloist competitions, his love for hip-hop and alternative genres helped shape his mind as a composer.

Burning Man Special Guests

For the Burning Man show, The Trouble Notes are joined by Sissos, Tribubu, Daiana Lou and Level Spaces.

The Trouble Notes on Radio Venice

Radio Venice at Burning Man Day 9 – September 7, 2020
Radio Venice S10.E11 – March 24, 2019

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Joey Maramba

Joey Maramba is a bass player, songwriter from Los Angeles most known for his work with John Cale of the Velvet Underground and Rickie Lee Jones and has appeared on Letterman, Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien, and Fallon. He has opened for Mike Watt and Nels Cline with an instrumental avant garde group called Ninja Academy. Continue reading Joey Maramba

Particle Kid

Singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, visual artist, and activist Micah Nelson has a remarkable output that spans the creative spectrum unlike few others.

The Los-Angeles based visionary has released five albums as Particle Kid, including his March 2020 live concert recording, Live! Underground. His fourth Particle Kid studio album, Window Rock, was released July 2019 and contains nine original songs. His previous albums – self-titled debut Particle Kid, Everything Is Bullshit, and Particle War – are just part of the catalog of work Nelson has amassed with other artists and musicians.

He is an active member of his brother’s band, Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real, as well as part of Neil Young’s band, touring and recording with Young as well as part of his full-length film Paradox.

For Record Store Day in 2018, he released Lucky Wheel, a split 12” vinyl collaboration with punk legend and X co-founder John Doe. He created the cover art on his father Willie Nelson’s latest studio album First Rose of Spring.

On tour year round, Particle Kid has headlined shows around the world as well as opened for The Flaming Lips, Tinariwen, Margo Price, and Sheryl Crow, and been part of the line up for Luck Reunion, UTOPiAfest, and the Outlaw Music Festival. Many of his music videos also feature his work as a visual artists in painting and animation.

As an activist, Nelson has served on the National Hemp Association’s Board of Directors, participates in Farm Aid events and their annual music festival, and combined the missions of both organizations by spearheaded a petition championing the Industrial Hemp Farming Act which became law in December 2018.

Rolling Stone magazine hailed Micah as one of their “New Classics” – “The creative visionaries celebrated here come from the worlds of music, acting, comedy, sports and more. …they share a refusal to be contained by the rules of the past as they define the territory of the future.”

Micah Nelson on Radio Venice

Radio Venice at Burning Man Day 7 – September 5, 2020
Radio Venice S11.E06 – June 9, 2019
Radio Venice S05.E06 – April 16, 2017
Radio Venice #19 – February 14, 2016

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Silver Cloud Express

Silver Cloud Express is a space rock band from the Sonoran desert, by way of Venice Beach CA, featuring, Cristina Williams on bass and vocals and Jamie Laboz on guitar, vocals and keys.

The live band sometimes includes Thom Martin on keys and Rick Bailey on drums.

Silver Cloud Express on Radio Venice

Radio Venice at Burning Man Day 7 – September 5, 2020
Radio Venice S14.E04 – May 31, 2020

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Sugar Rum Tantrum

Sugar Rum Tantrum is an accordioniste-fronted blues, tango, and gypsy-jazz-inspired original music with Amy Winehouse-esque vocals and Stromae’s sizzling French-feeling grooves, all lead by a sensual multi-lingual performer, Sugar Rum. This spicy folk ensemble is working on a string of singles and EPs release before the end of the year. From stomping folk in the streets to creating the occasional immersive theatrical experience, Sugar Rum has also sold out Sofar Sounds shows in Los Angeles, as well as being featured in NPR’s Latin X finalists for the Tiny Desk Contest.

Sugar Rum Tantrum on Radio Venice

Radio Venice at Burning Man Day 6 – September 4, 2020
Radio Venice S14.E11 – July 19, 2020

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‘To play or not to play?’
Tis a question oft asked by Spiel.

Whether tis gracious to stomp ones foot in celebration or in protest, the result is quite the same … ball bouncing, titty tickling “Rockin Space Blues” of the finest order.

To be certain … engaging with the men of Spiel ensures an experience that is a sense-ational journey. With Spiel at the helm, you will be transported from a state of seductive spinal massage to an ass puckering power shot of adrenaline then back again. Continue reading Spiel

Lickwid Owsley

The legendary Barry Conley sheds his Alien skin to head up this duo of dynamic dimension. Armed with his famed OutofControl-atron he, first, pulls the sound up from out of the dark pit of the Earth to greet the air with a friendly “Hello!”. Then he whips it into action with both wit and whimsey while his cohort carefully concentrates on calibrating the conjunction of his Jitterbug and Juice Boxes. And then, they’re off: Speeding through space on a fast swirling sound at one moment, then drifting dead-like through the dark depth of the ocean at another, capturing the cacophony of a crowd in a cafeteria, or the slow crushing collision of two creeping icebergs. Flutters. Bleeps. Thumps. Crackles. Whirls. Whines and Whistles. Hisses. Groans and Moans. Sounds that come out of doors that you didn’t even think were there to tickle your ears as well as your bowels.

They use an unrelenting pulse for piercing, then penetrate with the delicate dancing drone of a single modulating tone, then proceed to permeate the collected consciousness with the colorful and confused cadence of a Sci Fi caliope.

Their name is a ‘tip of the hat’ to the grandfather of the tongue-tickled adventure. And their hats are horrendously hip. So take a trip. You’ll find something. But don’t be surprised if that something finds you first.

Lickwid Owsley on Radio Venice

Radio Venice at Burning Man Day 4 – September 2, 2020
Radio Venice S14.E02 – May 17, 2020
Radio Venice S12.E06 – October 27, 2019

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Noir O’Clock

From the dim dark shadowy recesses of your mind lurks the last sonorous remnants of a beautiful dream gone bad. Enticing electronic Mata Hari’s dance to an otherworldly tango from the future to lure unsuspecting saps, like you, into an eternal quagmire.

Where sonic crime and passion collide.

Welcome, it’s that time … it’s Noir O’Clock.

Noir O’Clock on Radio Venice

Radio Venice at Burning Man Day 1 – August 30, 2020

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