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Insects Vs. Robots

Venice Beach California’s Insects Vs. Robots have been carving out an experimental and boundary-less musical vision since 2008. Known for their live shows and unique visual universe, Insects Vs. Robots have released 4 albums with a brand new studio album titled “TheyllKillyYaa” newly released in October of 2016 by Henhouse Studios in Venice Beach, California.

Insects Vs. Robots recently performed at SXSW, the annual Farm Aid concert, and the 27th annual Bridge School Benefit as well as touring throughout the United States. Insects Vs. Robots have shared the stage with Neil Young, Jack White, Tinariwen and and many others …

Milo Gonzalez
Tony Peluso
Micah Nelson
Jeff Smith
Nikita Sorokin

Insects Vs. Robots on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S04.E08 – October 30, 2016

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