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Based in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, Sankaran is a 4-piece led by Indian-Vietnamese songwriter Jasmine Sankaran. Jasmine began writing songs in her bedroom, shrouded in the obscurity of Ventura County’s suburban labyrinth. After graduating from UC Berkeley with a degree in Creative Writing, she realized she had written more songs in college than short stories…

The band emerged from the bowels of the LA River in late-2016 and includes Tristan “Trashbag” Starr (bass), Aviel “Mann Balls” Ballo (drums), and Kevin “Nashcan” Nash. Now in their second year and playing under more inclusive band name, the four friends pull from their diverse musical backgrounds in indie, punk, prog rock, shoegaze, and disco to create their mysterious melodic arrangements. They have graced stages all across LA and played as part of moonroom’s #APAHM festival and Echo Park Rising 2018. The band dreams of one day playing #Coachella2012 and hopes to fund their first tour via Tecate sponsorship.

Their debut LP, Interesting Times, is an anti-corporate feminist manifesto recorded entirely DIY by the band members out of their practice space, living rooms, and home offices on borrowed equipment.

Sankaran on Radio Venice

Radio Venice S11.E05 – June 2, 2019

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