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Rafael Moreira

Guitarist, singer, songwriter and producer Rafael (pronounced Hafael) Moreira, began singing at age four and performing on the nylon string acoustic guitar at age six, taught by his mother, a music teacher, singer and songwriter in Brazil. With his first electric guitar at age eight, he formed a band with his two older brothers as the rhythm section and began performing live.

Rafael’s debut instrumental album Acid Guitar (an eclectic instrumental blend of Rock, Jazz and Brazilian music with vocal lines complimenting the song’s melodies and soulful, shredding guitar solos), was well ahead of its time, but the project established him with audiences worldwide as well as spotlighting him as a preeminent musician and relentless performer at concerts and clinics in the U.S., Singapore, Japan and Australia.

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Rafael Moreira on Radio Venice

Radio Venice Season 18 Premiere – September 19, 2021

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