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The Aliens That Ate Hollywood

The Aliens were formed at the request of David Catching (guitar player for Queens of the Stone Age/Eagles of Death Metal) to open up for his band Earthlings? at The Opium Den in Hollywood in November of 1998.

Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age, Eagles of Death Metal, Them Crooked Vultures) was in the audience of that first gig and requested The Aliens adjourn with him out to The Rancho De La Luna recording studio in Joshua Tree, California to take part in a series of recordings he had been doing called The Desert Sessions. The Aliens were featured in Desert Sessions Volume 6.

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The Aliens on Radio Venice

Radio Venice presents Field Trippin’ Fest – October 24, 2021
Radio Venice Season 18 Premiere – September 19, 2021
Radio Venice Season 16 Finale – April 11, 2021
Radio Venice at Burning Man Day 8 – September 6, 2020
Radio Venice S11.E03 – May 19, 2019
Radio Venice Season 9 Premiere – September 9, 2018
Radio Venice S08.E02 – April 1, 2018
Radio Venice #26 – April 3, 2016

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Titus Fotso + Guests

Titus Fotso is like no other. More than a dancer, he is a multi linguist, Multimedia Designer, a scholar, master teacher, choreographer, movement director, filmmaker, videographer, Sound Designer, award winning singer/songwriter, music producer, AWA Brand™️ creator, Brand ambassador and more.

This week he will be joined by Jason Pellegrino, Suzy Williams, Pape Diouf, Michael Jost and Matt DeMerritt.

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Titus Fotso on Radio Venice

Radio Venice Season 18 Premiere – September 19, 2021

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“Their sound is huge, lyrically it’s fun and she is a perfect
example of why women are born to rock”
– Tracey Moyle, Good Call Live Magazine

Known for her devilish sass and theatrical performance, Jollee takes you on a wild Wonder Woman Rock n Roll ride to the other side. Combining old school rock with heavy blues; these hard rockers are recreating history and making it their own with powerfully fierce vocals, heavy drum beats, unique guitar riffs and thick bass lines, Jollee’s innovative and energetic tunes are truly unshakable.

Hailing from Gold Coast, Australia these rockers are passionate, quirky, hella funny and put on a performance you won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

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Jollee on Radio Venice

Radio Venice Season 18 Premiere – September 19, 2021
Radio Venice Season 16 Finale – April 11, 2021

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Q+A with Jollee - Radio Venice

Rafael Moreira

Guitarist, singer, songwriter and producer Rafael (pronounced Hafael) Moreira, began singing at age four and performing on the nylon string acoustic guitar at age six, taught by his mother, a music teacher, singer and songwriter in Brazil. With his first electric guitar at age eight, he formed a band with his two older brothers as the rhythm section and began performing live.

Rafael’s debut instrumental album Acid Guitar (an eclectic instrumental blend of Rock, Jazz and Brazilian music with vocal lines complimenting the song’s melodies and soulful, shredding guitar solos), was well ahead of its time, but the project established him with audiences worldwide as well as spotlighting him as a preeminent musician and relentless performer at concerts and clinics in the U.S., Singapore, Japan and Australia.

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Rafael Moreira on Radio Venice

Radio Venice Season 18 Premiere – September 19, 2021

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